«These things happen”, says Carreras about collapse at the Juárez distributor

The governor was questioned about the incident in  the arm for the Juárez distributor in San Luis Potosí

By La Orquesta


«These things happen, are unfortunate, we will be there with the injured people”, responded Juan Manuel Carreras, governor of San Luis Potosí, before the press questions about the collapse of a pillar under construction for a new arm of the distributor Juarez.

The president suggested to the media «move forward», because the stage at which the work was «is a temporary facility»; He also mentioned that it would be premature to mention a possible sanction for the company in charge of the work.

In that sense, Carreras López said that he would wait for the opinion of the incident to determine whether or not a sanction would proceed; in addition, he indicated that the State Road Board is already in charge of the work at the scene.

Meanwhile, the company’s staff is already in charge of the construction to clean up the concrete that has not yet been solidified and that spilled on the ground, as well as the wood and other accessories that supported the collapsed structure.

It is worth mentioning that La Orquesta was able to corroborate that while performing the cleaning tasks on the site, some workers did not have safety measures such as the case of the helmet.

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