San Luis Potosí, the main producer of drugs in Mexico

Official data show that the state had 232 cases in 2018, figures even higher than Sonora or Michoacán during the war against drug trafficking

By Roberto Rocha


San Luis Potosí ended the year 2018 as the main producer of drugs in the country and the number of cases of this crime was multiplied by seven, if compared to 2017, according to the statistics of the National Public Security System (SNSP).

During the past year, the SNSP registered in the state of San Luis Potosí 232 cases of crimes against health in the mode of drug production, surpassing all other states in the country. The only one that was close to those figures was Baja California, which had 213 cases.

After those two states were Nuevo León, with 122 cases; Sonora, with 109 and State of Mexico, with 103.

The 232 cases of drug production in San Luis Potosí exceed even the number of such crimes that occurred in the states of Sonora and Michoacán throughout the year 2012.

Those states were the leaders in drug production in 2012, at the height and most violent point of the war against drug trafficking declared by former president Felipe Calderón in the first weeks of his term in office in 2006.

During 2012, the year in which such crimes began to be registered, Sonora presented 195 cases of crimes against health in its drug production modality. Michoacán had 186 crimes of that type. Since then these figures have not been exceeded.

In 2017, San Luis Potosí had presented 33 cases of drug production, according to SNSP statistics, which had it in fifth place nationally. That means, that the entity’s drug production grew seven times in just one year.

Until then, 2017 had been the record year in the number of crimes against health in the form of drug production in San Luis Potosí. In 2016 the number had been eight, in 2014 and 2015, of three each month; and from zero in 2012 and 2013.

In his appearance before the Congress of the state last November, Governor Juan Manuel Carreras said that at the national level the increases in violence and criminal incidence are caused by a growing and diversified production of drugs.

For his part, the Secretary of Public Safety, Jaime Ernesto Pineda Arteaga, denied last September that San Luis Potosí occupy the first place in drug production registered in SNSP: “No, here is not place of production”, said the officia.

“What happens is that it is the center of the country, the majority of the drug passes and goes to the border area and because of the geographical situation, it is one of the attributions”, said Jaime Pineda, who defended the role that the authorities have ensured that San Luis Potosí maintains in drug trafficking, as a place of passage.

However, although it also occupied an important place at the national level in crimes against health, in its mode of transportation, the fifth place, with 15 cases in 2018, statistics does not reach the notoriety of data on drug production in the state.

The cases for drug transportation in the country are headed by Baja California, with 34 cases; Sinaloa, with 29; Mexico City, with 27; Yucatán with 20 and San Luis Potosí with 15.




San Luis Potosí 232
Baja California 213
Nuevo León 122
Sonora 109
Estado de México 103
Source: SNSP





Until recently, San Luis Potosí did not register cases of crimes against health in its mode of drug production


2018 232
2017 33
2016 8
2015 3
2014 3
2013 0
2012 0
Source: SNSP

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