Xavier Nava: zero public work and zero transparency in 3 months

The capital city council has not even competed, commissioned by another method, or executed, a single square meter of public works

By Jorge Saldaña


In three months of government, the city council headed by Xavier Nava Palacios has not even competed, commissioned by another method, or executed, a single square meter of public works, as can be seen in the bidding section published by the City Council itself.

Neither can be found on its transparency page, a single figure of the destination and use that has given to public resources during its administration, failing to comply with the provisions of Articles 18, 19 and 20 of the Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information of the state.

Although the administration of Nava Palacios adopted the tradition of its grandfather and former municipal president, Salvador Nava Martínez, of placing outside the municipal offices the statement of income and expenditure results for each month, this practice does not exempt it from complying with the Transparency Law, especially because the numbers that are exposed have no way of being verified and nobody, except who makes them, knows where the figures come from.

In the webpage of the municipal government,, where the administration is supposed to publish all the management indicators required by the Law, there is not a single update corresponding to the exercise of its administration, which initiated the first of October 2018.

In this regard, the secretary general, Sebastián Pérez García, was asked twice to send the electronic link to this medium, which, the authority assures, has “all the information available”. However, although the official replied promptly, he simply indicated that “(the information) can be seen from Cegaip or the same page from municipality”, but when it was verified it turned out that there are no links that can be consulted nothing regarding the governmental exercise of the navista administration.

The last indicators of management, execution of resources, budget of expenditures and others contemplated in the law that are published are those of the month of September of 2018.



As for public tenders, in three months the municipality only reports two, corresponding to the contracting of insurance for the vehicle fleet and the life insurance for municipal employees.

It should be noted that both were carried out, with difference of hours, on December 31 last. The same insurers, Atlas and Seguros del Potosí, participated in both. Each insurer won one tender and lost the other for “not presenting a technical proposal”.

In context, in November of last year, the senior official, Óscar Valle Portilla, left a press conference because he was questioned about the direct assignment of contracts for gasoline and medical services, which was found to be granted to powerful families of San Luis Potosí.

It was then that the official assured that the administration would tender both services in the most transparent way to have the best proposal at the beginning of the year, a matter that was not so, nor does there exist a tender on these two items, not even in the process of being called.


As for public works tenders, there is no open procedure, in process or completed, that is, there is no work to the benefit of the residents that may be attributable to the municipal authority.

In this regard, yesterday the councilor Karina Benavides, president of the Commission of Lighting and Public Works, said that “the construction and repair of both the Españita River, Santiago River Boulevard, Pemex Bridge, Industries Avenue, the Ring Peripheral and other roads, yes they must be priority works for the Municipal Government “, but he emphasized that they will be works that will be carried out in “coordination” with the government of the State, however, this coordination is put in doubt when the government of the capital has not been able to bid for any part of the projects, which is indicative that, in reality, it will be the state government and its resources that execute said infrastructure actions.

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