Xavier Nava uses Interapas as a weapon

The organism has only been concerned with favoring the interests of the mayor of San Luis Potosí

By La Orquesta


In recent weeks, the Interapas has been used by the municipality of San Luis Potosí as a weapon of political pounding, since, in spite of being a decentralized organization, it has been lent to favor the interests of the mayor, Xavier Nava Palacios.

By a press release, the social communication department of Interapas pointed out that the water purifiers that delivered water in the previous administration were operating connected to clandestine outlets, without being registered in the user registry.

With regard to the purifiers located in Soledad, the bulletin noted: “that staff of the delegation of Interapas de Soledad is doing the same to review the intakes of each of the water treatment plants operated by the City Council located in that demarcation and verify that they are given high in the user registry “, which seeks to incriminate the administration of the neighboring municipality, still governed by the PRD.

Regarding the closure of water purifiers, the state leader of the PRD, Ignacio Segura Morquecho, described the act as unfair. In addition, said that the Interapas has been accused of alleged clandestine shots to the previous administration, while it has been ignored in the collection of millions of debts of some individuals.

“We all know that the company Aguas del Poniente has not covered contributions for water for many years … something similar happens with the La Vista neighborhood, which also have more than 10 years without catching up with the City Council”, said Segura Morquecho, who referred to the potosino businessman Carlos “El Chato” López Medina.

On the other hand, the deputies Emmanuel Ramos and Maria Isabel González Tovar assured that those actions obey to the revenge with which Interapas has been conducted, before the refusal to increase the water tariff.

However, the attack made by Interapas, in defense of the interests of Mayor Xavier Nava Palacios, is not the first sign that the water operator is used as a battering ram for the municipal administration to harm its political adversaries and as a petty cash to obtain money, on the pretext of the water problem in the city.

Last December, La Orquesta announced that a political uncle of the mayor, José Manuel Martínez Guiza was detected as an employee in Interapas. Humberto Ramos Contreras is in a similar case: he charges two salaries; one as director of social communication in Interapas and the other as deputy director of information for the state government, which was maintained at least until last month, according to a transparency report.

Nava Palacios, when asked about Martínez Guiza, said: “he is a distant relative.” This disinterest has remained with respect to the statements of the mayor because he has repeatedly claimed not to have information from the Interapas, arguing “Interapas has its director, ask him”.

Almost at the beginning of its administration, the municipal administration pointed out the urgent increase of almost 40 percent to the water service rate, since it argued severe deficiencies within the Interapas inherited by the previous administration, however, the proposal was rejected by the State Congress.

Before the refusal, the director of Interapas, Fermín Purata acknowledged that by collecting the overdue portfolio of the agency would recover an amount three times greater than what per year would be raised with the proposed increase.

After the rejection, Xavier Nava asked publicly to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), to exempt Interapas from payment of electricity services, due to the precarious situation. CFE, on the other hand, rejected the request of the mayor of San Luis Potosí.

Earlier, in October, Xavier Nava, who had just arrived at the presidency of the Interapas governing board, appointed Natalia Castillo as the delegate of the Interapas in Soledad. This action was raised without consulting the president of that municipality, Gilberto Hernández Villafuerte, who also sits on the governing board. This rebuff caused the dissatisfaction of the mayor of Sousse, so he warned that it would not interfere in the actions of the Interapas in that locality.

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