Sebastián Pérez García justifies failures in transparency

He said that the issue of transparency has not been neglected, “Cegaip itself has given us training courses”

By José Luis Vázquez


The Secretary General of the City of San Luis Potosí, Sebastián Pérez García, considered that the transparency issue has not been neglected in his administration, despite the fact that there are 16 complaints for breach of the obligations related to this issue.

“It is not neglected, Cegaip itself has given us training courses and we have also had forums within the town hall, and you can ask them, they have been training the own officials who are in charge of the transparency unit, that is a theme in which we are coordinated to them”, he explained.

In that sense, he justified that these complaints exist because there are groups that want to beat the capital city council: “You can see that there are interests of certain groups that obviously want to be hitting this administration from this point of view, and we are going to respond to all, to we are all going to give you an answer”.

The official said that of all the requests for information that reach the city council (a total of 138 formats), there is only a lag of 7%, corresponding to 8 complaints: “we have a period for that 7% to decrease and go to be the constant of this administration”.

When asked if the head of the transparency unit, Pammela Méndez Cuevas, has the necessary experience to fill the position, he said: “You can approach her and ask these questions so she can tell you everything: her studies, graduates and work experience. What I can tell you is that the fulfillment of 100% of the universe that comes from requests in this current administration, we are giving out about 93% (of the requests)”.

By reiterating that in the curriculum of Méndez Cuevas there is no verifiable experience in transparency issues, he said: “we are today the first place as a municipality to give and generate ideas and respond to these requests. That speaks very well of the person who heads this unit”.

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