“I’m going to ask for a license,” El Mijis threatens the media and the FGE

The deputy did not like to be questioned for his absences to the Congress of SLP

By José Luis Vázquez

In an interview, Pedro Carrizales Becerra, better known as “El Mijis”, warned the media that he will ask for a license to leave his job, if he is “made a fool of”, even criticized the work of some local media. and the State Attorney General’s Office.

“I am going to tell you once and that it is very clear, if I get a dirty trick, I swear that I am going to ask for a license and I am going to make an international call because my life is in danger”, he explained.

In that sense, he insinuated that the media and even the FGE itself have diverted attention on the attack that was targeted, “I am respectful, but I received reports that they were harassing the bodyguards that brought, my family, my brothers, they took photos where they are working, then to focus on the fact that I lived are focusing on something else”.

He also criticized his fellow counterparts who have declared that his attack is really a self-attack, “now it turns out that they are doctors and they are experts.”

The deputy reiterated: “They tried against my life and they take it lightly they take advantage of a Social Reminder not to confuse freedom of expression with defamation and then I see these notes, how they want me to feel that’s why I went to Mexico”

Finally, he considered it unfair that the board of the Congress of the State of San Luis Potosí, discounted the day for having presented a medical receipt to miss the regular session last Thursday and have gone to Mexico City, “I will put a resource because it is not fair what was done to me and unless they said that I was a liar and disrespectful, because I do have to prove it was wrong”.

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