I am dissatisfied with Gabino Morales: Marité Hernández

The deputy said not to support the appointment of Gabino Morales as federal delegate for San Luis Potosí

By José Luis Vázquez


In an interview, the local deputy of the Morena party, Marité Hernández Correa, acknowledged that she does not support the appointment of Gabino Morales Mendoza as a federal delegate in San Luis Potosí, because of the accusations that some militants have made against him for exercising political violence of gender and sexual harassment.

“I am dissatisfied because there are different situations that question it, so I think it is not fair for a person who has a high responsibility to behave in a way that is being questioned. Not only has a situation with the Commission of Honor and Internal Justice of the party, but other problems”, she explained.

In that sense, she explained why he was not present at the press conference last Thursday, where only six of nine deputies of the coalition Together We Will History and Gabino Morales Mendoza, said they would work in unity.

“Well, I simply say what happened, I was sent a message inviting me to endorse his appointment and in the name of unity, I was not invited in advance and I told him that I could not attend because I did not know what it was. I was engaged in a work situation of Congress, I was not invited more than at the time.

When asked if he considers it appropriate that Morales Mendoza has interrupted the ordinary session of the State Congress to hold this press conference, he replied: “The Legislative Power is a different power, it is a power independent of the position he has”.

“Who conducts with the truth does not have to look for these practices, which are rancid practices to give the accolade, simply if you consider that you are doing your work you do not need to seek the support of anyone; (…) What I see is that he seeks to legitimize himself and seek support from us, but I wonder why he had not done it before”.

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