There are more 500 people missing in San Luis Potosí

From the federal government it is said that the problem reaches proportions of humanitarian crisis

By La Orquesta


In San Luis Potosí there are at least 542 people disappeared according to the information available on the page of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State that has registered information since the year 200.

Of the total, at least 145 of the disappeared persons correspond to the female sex, ranging from girls to women of the third age. The rest of the cases are of the male sex where there is still a broad spectrum of age.

The figures of the State Attorney’s Office differ from those that can be found on the website of the National Search Commission for Persons of the Ministry of the Interior, where there is only evidence of 82 missing persons in San Luis Potosí. That portal does not report a single disappearance in the state from January 1, 2018 to the date.

In contrast, the figures of the Prosecutor’s Office show that in 2018 alone it received reports of 654 disappeared potosinos. 362 of the cases corresponded to women, of which 79 have not been found. In addition, 292 men were reported, of which 69 have not been found. Thus, the total number of disappeared last year is 148.

The dynamics do not seem to stop. As of 2019, 82 missing persons have been reported. 42 men and 40 women. 19 of the men have not been found and seven of the women have not been found, again with the figures of the Office of the Prosecutor.


The divergence between the data of the platforms is a sample of the imbalance that exists in regard to institutional coordination and the categorization of crime in the country, a fact that was denounced this week by Alejandro Encinas, who serves as Undersecretary of Human Rights and Population of the Ministry of the Interior.

The disappearance of people, said the official, is a problem that reaches the height of a humanitarian crisis that extends throughout the national territory.

According to data from the federal government, there are around 40,000 people missing in Mexico. Due to the above, Encinas accused the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto of not exercising the 468 million pesos allocated to the National Search Commission, of which only six million pesos were used, for which reason he inferred that «the search for missing persons was simulated».

Perhaps because of this the federal government has set itself the goal of strengthening search systems for people, and for that 400 million pesos will be used to track those individuals who are still wanted by their families.

In this sense, San Luis Potosí plays an important role, since it is part of the 8 states of the republic that have a commission to search for people, although as the federal government explained, it must still be «strengthened».

In fact, just in October 2018, in a visit to the College of San Luis, Alejandro Encinas described as «regrettable» the security situation in the state, referring to the disappearance of people, as well as femicides.


Last year, Federico Garza Herrera celebrated the creation of the State Commission for the Search of Missing Persons, which together with the Specialized Unit for Missing Persons, would contribute to the task.

«We are going to establish lines that allow for good work and that important findings can be obtained together to help in that area”, said the person in charge of the administration of justice in the state of San Luis Potosí.

It was thus determined that the State Commission for the Search of Missing Persons would carry out administrative actions with the victims, while the specialized Public Ministry would carry out specific actions to identify those responsible for committing crimes.

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