The lies of the Chief Officer of Xavier Nava

Óscar Valle Portilla and the navista administration tried to justify with lies the direct allocation of public works

By La Orquesta


The mayor of San Luis Potosí City Council, Óscar Valle Portilla, tried yesterday to lie again to the population of San Luis Potosí, regarding public works and contracting without bidding of companies close to the interests of Mayor Xavier Nava Palacios.

In a press release sent yesterday by the City Council, it was presumed that:

The senior official, Óscar Valle Portilla, highlighted the transparency in the current City Hall of San Luis Potosí regarding the exercise of resources that are applied in works and various projects and programs such as patching, due to the intervention of the Municipal Works Committee, what in this triennium ended the cronyism and of course the business as it was in the previous administration.

In total, four of the municipal works published on the City Council page exceeded the amount of one million 60 thousand pesos for which direct allocation is allowed: to the construction company Quid SA de CV, for 4 million 628 thousand 836 pesos; to Paviasfaltos SA de CV, for 3 million 903 thousand 933 pesos and 49 cents; to Vialidades y Construcciones Torres SA de CV, also for exactly 3 million 903 thousand 933 pesos and 49 cents and to Maquinaria y Rentas Potosinas SA de CV, for 3 million 903 thousand 967 pesos and 71 cents. That is to say, 11 million works were distributed to the companies of the Muñiz Werge and Torres families.

The communiqué of the municipality continued, with a textual quote from the mayor officer Valle Portilla:

“It is essential to emphasize that we are already another administration in which the law is respected and transparency is promoted compared to the past capital management, in addition another great difference is that all information will be made and made public. And as for the works, he remarked: they count on the opinions, the whole process is very well taken care of and there are no violations to the law”.

In contrast to what was said by the senior official, in three months of municipal administration the website of the City Council has not revealed any heading of the government of Xavier Nava and only includes reports of previous mayoralties.

The bulletin of the City Council also attributed to Valle Portilla the following paragraphs:

“He revealed that the last administration started with only three contractors and concluded with only 35; Today, in the first three months, 45 construction companies were contracted, which are serious, professional and do exist, a situation that did not occur in the last three years. He also highlighted the recovery of resources of various federal branches that were not occupied by the last administration, which could promote works especially related to the road rehabilitation program and patching, where the timely intervention of the Works Committee is essential , besides that it will be announced what amount is invested, what constructors are in charge and the contracting procedures, besides knowing the avenues and streets to intervene”.

However, despite the “timely intervention of the Works Committee”, which is presumed by the City Council, the hiring of companies is not done in the right way, since the Public Works Law provides for direct assignment as an absolutely legal method to adjudicate to the builders interested in the public work, as long as it abides by the amounts determined by the decree of the State Executive for each case. In the form of direct award, the amounts of the work may not exceed one million 60 thousand pesos plus VAT, from this amount and up to 2 million 980 thousand pesos more will have to use the modality of “restricted invitation” and from of that amount, all public works involving greater resources will have to be assigned through a public tender.

According to the municipality’s bulletin, Portilla Valle said:

The bidding processes were analyzed and approved by the aforementioned Committee, he added, so everything is duly documented and there is a commitment to let the public know about which ones were tendered, which ones were awarded and the restricted invitation as allowed by law. , which can be consulted in the transparency portal of the capital city government.

The previous paragraph can not be sustained by the facts, since the list published by the municipality itself states that each and every one of the works was assigned through the modality of direct award. The commitment to make them public was already fulfilled and the declaration is opposed to the lack of transparency reports on the City Council website, and finally to the breach of the decree that limits the amounts of direct allocation

As for the few directly awarded works, the senior official, Óscar Valle Portilla made it clear that it was an exceptional circumstance, however they have the opinions and approval of the Works Committee, so they are duly substantiated.

The text of the City Council mentions “the few directly awarded works”, when in reality, only one of the 82 municipal works that can be consulted on its website was not granted by that method. Although the bulletin says that “Valle Portilla made it clear that it was an exceptional circumstance”, the response of the mayor is far from clear. This “exceptional” circumstance, then, was applied to 99 percent of the works in execution according to the facts.

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