Xavier Nava has illegally awarded more than 120 million pesos in services

The City of San Luis Potosí spends nearly 17 million pesos monthly for medical services, medicines and fuels

By La Orquesta

With 17 million pesos approximately, which the City of San Luis Potosí pays monthly for the direct award of the medical service, medicines and fuels, the administration of Francisco Xavier Nava Palacios could reach nearly 120 million pesos incurred irregularly.

Interviewed on the matter, the treasurer of the city council, Rodrigo Portilla Díaz, said that the part of the bids corresponds to the Main Office, however, he assured that the Procurement Committee is working on it.

“I understand that the medical service is published this week, and fuels the following week, will be published on the website of the city council so you can follow them up”, he said.

The mayor Nava Palacios said a few days ago that this week they would be calling for medical service and fuel, and on medication said that the process was already underway.

“The medical services will be this week, is already being called to the new tender, that is important because we will have certainty in the coming days of which will be the companies that stay with the service”.

On his part, the Senior Official, Óscar Valle Portilla, explained that, for the three services in question, the city council spends approximately 17 million pesos per month.

With this, and considering the times, given that the city council has 45 days after the tender to select a supplier has started, the decision could be made until April or May.

Then, with the calculation of Valle Portilla, from October 2018 to April 2019, the payment for the three services would be close to 120 million pesos.

Valle Portilla explained that one month 11 million pesos are directly awarded for medical services and 3 million pesos on average for medicines and another three for fuel.

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