“Homicide of businessman shows inefficiency of the police in SLP”

Deputy Beatriz Benavente said that “obviously there are serious flaws” in the work carried out by the State and Municipal Police

By José Luis Vázquez


The president of the Commission of Public Safety and Social Reintegration of the State Congress, Beatriz Eugenia Benavente Rodríguez, affirmed that there are serious flaws in the work carried out by the State and Municipal Police in San Luis Potosí after registering the murder of a young businessman in the Estrella del Oriente neighborhood.

The legislator recalled that the task of preventing robberies in the capital rests with the State and Municipal police, and stated that “obviously there are serious failures in the fulfillment of their functions since it has not been possible to contain or diminish, the indexes go to the rise”.

She added: “I want to make it clear that we are within the national average, San Luis Potosí is not exempt from the phenomenon of insecurity that prevails throughout Mexico, but not because we are permeable we will not work towards improving our indicators and that our state be calmer “.

On the murder of Rubén Rangel González, son of businessman Fernando Rangel Lozano insisted “this loss of life, this matter of insecurity goes beyond whether you are a businessman or a bricklayer, it is a human life that is lost”.

Every day it seems that there are pretexts to bring to the table the issue of urgency in the change of security strategies, it seems that these tables that are implemented to assess the issue are not addressing the right way or are not supplying the necessary effects since we do not see decreases in the indexes”.

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