There are 2 lines of research on the attack against El Mijis

The attorney general of the state of San Luis Potosí refused to give details about the case, but said: “at the moment we have a very robust line”

By José Luis Vázquez


The general prosecutor of the state of San Luis Potosí, Federico Garza Herrera, affirmed that there are two lines of investigation in the case of the attack against the deputy Pedro Carrizales Becerra; however, he refused to give more details about the case.

“I can not speculate, let’s wait for the investigation to conclude and tell us in an accurate way what happened. Through the Investigative Police we have two lines of research, we are working on them, and the moment we have a very robust line, at that the right time we will make it known”, he said.

In that sense, he added: “You know that every course of an investigation has a secret, it has secrecy, we owe it to due process, we have to respect all those lines so that we have information that can perfectly build how the facts occurred”.

When he was questioned about if the deputy should reinforce his security, Garza Herrera responded that “that is directly the responsibility of the Public Security Secretariat, he brings escort of them, that they evaluate and according to the facts can establish if it requires greater security or not”.

“There were two bodyguards inside the vehicle and he was also inside”, said the attorney general, as well as recognizing that there were no injuries due to the attack that took place on Monday night, when the deputy was traveling in an official vehicle through the delegation of Villa de Pozos.

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