Political parties distanced from their own members: Aispuro

The executive member of the State Board of the National Electoral Institute said that the political parties «do not have a strong relationship with their members, because they continue to work apart»

By Fernando Garduza


The executive member of the National Board of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Pablo Sergio Aispuro Cárdenas, said that political parties that were «powerful» six years ago as PRI, PAN and PRD, were charged a poor performance in the last election , which independent candidates can not be charged; in counterpart, considered that the electoral legislation is designed to strengthen the regime of the parties and not for citizen participation.

In an interview, Aispuro Cárdenas, who recently returned to San Luis Potosí after having organized the election of Morelos, made several considerations about the political-electoral situation of the country after the last elections.

He spoke about the independent candidacies, which he said, will go forward in a framework like the current one, in which public institutions, emphatically the political parties, have been disappointing for the citizen.

«This seems to me not to be an exclusive phenomenon of Mexico, in general we are facing a phenomenon of deterioration or degradation of the exercise of politics, there the citizens have to take the public space that corresponds to them and be demanding, and this exercise of Citizen demand for public power is hitting hard political parties and strengthening this figure of citizens who want to access public power without the support of a political party”.

He added that this has generated the debacle of parties that were powerful 6 years ago as PRI, PAN and PRD, to which the citizens are charging what they believe was not done well.

However, he questioned, in the case of independent candidates without an accompaniment to a party structure or a plural visible entity, «to whom can you say that you do not choose it again, it is a problem with which you have to deal with our own democracy».

On the other hand, there is also the problem that the dynamics that Mexico has followed is that the laws serve and are designed to strengthen the regime of political parties, including public financing.

«When the issue of independent candidates is mounted, it surprises the normative structure, because the scaffolding was designed for something else».

On the other hand, Aispuro Cárdenas thought that democracy at this moment is going through a complicated moment of definitions to feed a quality public life and a quality institutional life, in addition to a governmental exercise linked to the concept of citizenship, which has what to do with a historical distancing between parties, governments, and citizens.

He criticized that the political parties do not have a strong relationship with their members, because they keep working distanced, «even if we do not say citizenship, distanced from their own membership, almost all political parties have problems towards the interior».

Aispuro Cárdenas concluded that what will strengthen political parties to seek public power with more solvency, is the cohesion and strength they have in relation to their own membership, «but also the relationship they have with the citizens that feed them , nourishes them and criticizes them».

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