PRD recognizes affectation after departure of Ricardo Gallardo

“We all know that he is a moral leader of the PRD “, said  Segura Morquecho

By José Luis Vázquez


In a press conference, the PRD state leader in San Luis Potosí, Juan Ignacio Segura Morquecho, acknowledged that the party will be affected after the resignation of Ricardo Gallardo Cardona to his militancy.

“We are affected because finally we all know that he is a moral leader of the PRD and the Gallardismo, and obviously this leadership that he infringes in the game is very important, but I must also emphasize that he was a trainer of new cadres and creator of new social policies”, he explained.

However, he pointed out that Gallardo Cardona created a political identity in San Luis Potosí, “it is a seed that is creating a political identity in many citizen actors, (…) it is time for the PRD, taking this national line, to give access to new politicians and new cadres in the state of San Luis Potosí”.

The official also denied that there is a riot of PRD members after the departure of Gallardo, “no, we have all the aldermen, municipal presidents, our two local deputies, our senator of the Republic, firm with the party, firm with the PRD, firm with the decision of the people that was the one that put them there”.

Finally, Segura Morquecho did not rule out returning to work with the federal deputy in the future, “if he and the project that starts now ties and fits with what we want for the citizenship of San Luis Potosí, obviously we will be open to dialogue, if he It has good arguments for citizenship, we will be willing to consider it. However, we will not be waiting for him to want or not want to be flagged by the PRD”.

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