Deputies of Morena in SLP could be expelled from the party

They failed to comply with the austerity policies promoted by  Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

By José Luis Vázquez

In a press conference, the state leader of Morena in San Luis Potosí, Sergio Serrano Soriano, said it is possible to begin an expulsion process against the six local deputies of the party for failing to comply with the austerity policies promoted by the president of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

«You remember that Morena, in the last period, had a deputy and that we expelled him. We will be very attentive to the actions of our deputies and we will proceed in the same way as we did last time”, he said.

When questioned if he is willing to expel the six deputies, he replied: «for those who do not stick, of course. That’s why we have the Commission of Honesty and Justice, which is the competent jurisdictional body and we are going to proceed, we have proceeded in previous times and we will do it again».

Serrano Soriano said that this will also apply to the PT president, Patricia Álvarez Escobedo; and of the president of the PES, Julio César González Ramírez; however, the officials did not speak of an expulsion of their legislators.

«We exist as a political party: we are represented in Congress and so much so that we are in the Political Coordination Board, I believe that each party will have its mechanisms and assume their responsibility, we have to enforce and enforce this process of the fourth transformation, we do not want to make a comparison of the same thing that has happened here in San Luis Potosí, «said González Ramírez, president of the PES.

For his part, Álvarez Escobedo said that the congressmen of his party need talks of political maturity.

«The majority of the deputies of the entire coalition, including those of the PT, are young political actors and I believe that they doing an honest job and working according to the commitment that Andrés Manuel López made at the national level, have a good chance of following a political way or a good political career.

“This action prevents citizens from believing in them, we need to talk with them, we will do it to make them meditate , they are deputies, they are autonomous, they have their own decisions and we can not get into it, we have to take talks of political maturity to seek and achieve that we are working as Andrés Manuel is doing».

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