Gabino Morales is denounced for sexual harassment

The coordinator of Morena in the state was suspended for 6 months for incurring gender violence, but on him weighs an additional complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office

By Blakely Morales

To the resolution and suspension of 6 months for gender violence against the coordinator of Social Development Programs of the Federal Government for San Luis Potosí, Gabino Morales Mendoza, a complaint is added to the Deputy Attorney General’s Office on Sexual Offenses of the State Attorney General’s Office, for the alleged crimes of threats, harassment and sexual harassment, discrimination, provocation and apology of the crime, against a militant of Morena.

On June 25, 2018, the National Commission of Honor and Justice (CNHJ) of Morena received a complaint in which a systematic violence is reported, expressed first through misogynistic comments dressed as jokes to “break the ice”, and intensified between the months of November and March of last year, and that would be decisive for the current organization of the political panel of Morena in San Luis Potosí.

The violence would have been extreme between March 10 and 11, when according to the statement of the victim, whose identity is reserved, Gabino Morales would have intimidated her, spreading the message among the militants of the state, and particularly of the Huasteca that he had in his possession images with sexual content, in which she was seen “doing crap and half,” according to quotes a testimony attached to the complaint. The comment was reproduced through a telephone call narrated by the testimony, and would have contained the alleged threat of disseminating the images.

The objective of Morales Mendoza was, according to the complainant, that this and a group of militant women of the party, stop criticizing the figure of power that the young politician exercised at that time as State Liaison Office of Voting, in front of the electoral campaign in which finally Lopez Obrador won.



The file with registration CNHJ-SLP-626-2018, with process in force within the party justice entity of Morena,  also includes the complaint to the Deputy Attorney General specialized in Sexual Offenses, which is part of a judicialization process undertaken by the party accuser, and includes the one designated as coordinator of Social Development Programs for the middle zone of the state for the Andrés Manuel government, and close to Morales Mendoza, Kevin Ángelo Aguilar Piña. Allegedly, Aguilar Piña and Morales Mendoza would have acted in a systematic way, to prevent the victim’s access to the structure of the State Voting Defense Liaison during the electoral process.

In the digital correspondence that forms part of the annexes of the complaint before the CNHJ, it is read that it is through a document dated February 10, 2018, attached to the complaint, that Kevin Ángelo Aguilar Piña, designated State Liaison Voto informed the then National Coordinator of Voting Defense and the State Liaison in San Luis Potosí, Gonzalo López Beltrán and Gabino Morales Mendoza, respectively, of a “change of District Voter Defense Liaison” in the metropolitan area.

In the same document, the young politician graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, states that “in a training meeting we were informed that the profiles sought in this structure (from Defense of the Vote) are people who are (sic) away from all ‘political grid’ “. The victim, on the other hand, accuses an increase of violence through misogynistic comments, from the incorporation of Aguilar Piña to the nearby team of Gabino Morales, at the beginning of 2017, violence that intensified in November of last year during a tour of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the Huasteca.

On March 11, 2018, a day after the call that is narrated in the testimony attached to the complaint, the victim claims to have received calls from party activists asking if it was true, what was said within the state, who allegedly had sexual relations with several party leaders at the local and national levels to obtain his place in the parallel structure of Defensa del Voto, among them the then and current state president of Morena, Sergio Serrano Soriano.

“Sergio (Serrano Soriano) with an old woman and a bottle, gives everything to them,” Morales Mendoza was quoted as saying about the victim and another group of militant women during that and other communications, according to the testimony.



On Friday, October 5, during the visit of the then president-elect, Gabino Morales, originally from the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, graduated from the Public Administration Degree at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, for the first time in his public life dressed in a suit and tie, he faced a demonstration that took place in the left wing of the Plaza de Fundadores with phosphorescent green cards that accused him of being a “simulator”.

Before the demonstration, President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador defended Morales Mendoza, first at the beginning of the event: “As the young people say ¡Ya chole! With the lawsuits; Or do you want to continue fighting here in San Luis Potosí? Since the leaders are already understanding, and that they are up to the circumstances”.

Then, almost at the end of the event, and before the shouts of ¡Fuera Gabino!, Andrés Manuel again commented in favor of Morales Mendoza: “No! Gabino is our coordinator here “, at that moment the cries of support were confused with those of repudiation; “Come here,” Andres Manuel called the young politician, took him by the shoulder and told the crowd that “he is our coordinator, representative of the Federal Government, is trustworthy, and I tell you, we must stop fighting, we must put aside the politicking, the country is first, why we fight? To transform the country, is not it? Or … do we fight for charges?” And the crowd answered No!

“Whoever wants to go to the market,” Lopez Obrador finished. Morales Mendoza crossed back and forth through the tapanco to the microphone with a triumphant smile, while down at least fifty people shouted “Corrupto!”.

Morales has been criticized and denounced for allegedly exercising power with opacity and authoritarianism; his appointment as State Coordinator of Development Programs has been confronted from within the party, with accusations of irregular use of resources.

The process within the National Commission of Honor and Justice is still valid. After having summoned a face-to-face conciliation hearing between the victim and the alleged aggressors, which the defense rejected for having in the complaint components of alleged sexual assaults, the CNHJ summoned the hearings separately for the submission of evidence ; Gabino Morales Mendoza and Kevin Ángelo Aguilar Piña on October 17.

The victim demanded the removal of both party figures, as well as the positions they hold, in addition to the adoption of Morena measures to prevent and avoid political violence on the basis of gender.

However, the CNHJ minimized the accusations and decided that they were only entitled to a public warning. “A wake-up call and nothing more”, as Sergio Soriano pointed out in December.

The complaint is ongoing within the Office of the Prosecutor and has renewed validity after the determination of CNHJ according to which Gabino Morales incurred in political violence of gender, which is why he has been sanctioned a sanction, although months ago that same commission had he stated that he could not be punished because he was not part of “the partisan structure” of Morena.

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