The hotel of Tekmol in Salinas closed reservations after visit of the PGR

The luxury hotel and spa Canto de Sal is located in Salinas de Hidalgo and its property is attributed to José Luis Romero Calzada, today investigated for fuel theft

By La Orquesta

The reservations schedule for the Hotel Canto de Sal in Salinas de Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, will remain closed until further notice, as indicated by the staff in charge of one of the companies of former deputy José Luis Romero Calzada.

In the social networks of the luxurious establishment, it is also not possible to reserve a room, according to La Orquesta.Mx, after it was announced that operatives of the Attorney General’s Office visited the facilities as part of the investigation that the federal  government continues against the ex-Congressman from San Luis Potosí.

For some weeks, Romero Calzada is investigated by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit for his alleged responsibility in the trade of stolen fuel.

Even the bank accounts linked to Tekmol de Mexico SA de CV, Grupo Gasolinero RomCal, and those registered in the name of José Luis Romero himself, were frozen by orders of the Financial Intelligence Unit attached to the SHCP; a movement that, incidentally, was appealed by the politician and businessman through an injunction.

The ex-deputy, for his part, has stopped participating in the public and political life of the state since the accusation against him transcended. Even his profile on Facebook has been removed, along with a video content where he said he was not involved in the theft of fuel.

So far the scope of the visit of the federal authorities to Hotel Canto de Sal is not known; however, it has been said that this could have been seized, along with vehicles and other assets of Romero Calzada’s estate.

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