At the federal level there is more commitment to prosecute Tekmol: Ciudadanos Observando

Lupillo González requires the Attorney General of the State to advance in the corruption investigations that were filed against Romero Calzada and other local ex-deputies

By José Luis Vázquez

The spokesperson for Ciudadanos Observando, Guadalupe González Covarrubias, said that he had met with the Attorney General of the State of San Luis Potosí, Federico Garza Herrera, and the prosecutor specializing in Corruption Acts, Jorge Vera Noyola, to follow up on the complaints filed against him. of a group of the former deputy of the LXI Legislature for having billed social assistance for more than 30 million pesos using ghost companies.

«Yesterday we had a meeting with the prosecutors, both Federico Garza and Jorge Vera, following up on the complaints filed against a group of deputies from the previous legislature. We are very upset, we are pressing for not to be shelved, there is no movement in these complaints since May 2018”, he explained.

The spokesman for Ciudadanos Observando said that, after the meeting, prosecutors promised to follow up on the matter: «the commitment of the prosecutors is that there is supposedly no impunity, there is no deal between them and the deputies, the issue is that we demand that you go to the bottom, that we no longer want the folders to remain frozen. There are victims, and what we want is that not only be investigated about the false signatures of the people but the flow of money and the companies that are behind and that were left with that money».

González Covarrubias also commented on the case of José Luis Romero Calzada and his frozen bank accounts for allegedly incurring in the theft of hydrocarbons: «we denounced it in the prosecution, unlike the federal, we see a much greater commitment, that was one of the issues we made them see».

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