SLP, the tenth state with highest femicide rates

The capital city is also top ten: it is the ninth municipality with the most cases in the country

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With 26 femicides committed between January and November of 2018, San Luis Potosí climbed to the tenth position of the states with the most femicides nationwide.

In addition, with nine femicides committed in this period, the state capital, the city of San Luis Potosí, ranked number nine on the list of the 100 municipalities with the highest incidence of gender crimes.

By state, in first place is the State of Mexico with 94 women murdered for reasons of gender; Veracruz follows him, with 85; in third place is Nuevo León, with 74; in fourth Chihuahua, with 48; in fifth, Mexico City with 38; in sixth, Sinaloa with 38, in seventh, Puebla with 30; in eighth Guerrero, with 28; in ninth Oaxaca, with 26 and in tenth San Luis Potosí, also with 26.

The state of San Luis Potoí has a rate of 1.79 femicides per 100 thousand women, it is the ninth highest rate in the country, and it is higher than the national rate, which is 1.19.

In the case of the city of San Luis Potosí, nine femicides were committed in its territory between January and November, with which the municipality was ranked ninth in a list of one hundred, headed by Ciudad Juárez, with 26 murders. of women for reasons of gender.

The list includes two other Potosi municipalities: Rioverde, which with four femicides is in 42nd place and Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, which with 3, is located in 65th place.

To the 26 femicides there are 27 murders of women classified as intentional homicides, which means that the state of Potosina has a rate of 1.86 intentional murders per 100 thousand women. The national rate is 3.9.

In addition, the criminal information with a gender perspective of the SESNSP, consigned 58 women victims of wrongful death, which in this case only includes traffic accidents. That represents a rate of four accidental deaths for every one hundred thousand women.

Another fact that stands out are women victims of malicious injuries. In the case of San Luis Potosí, there are one thousand 84, which represents 38.31 percent of the victims of fraudulent injuries throughout the state, which between January and November were 2 thousand 829. That is, practically 4 out of every ten victims of injuries with fraud, are women.

In addition, official statistics report that in 9 of the 18 kidnappings that have been committed in San Luis Potosí, the victims are women.

In the case of extortion, 33 of the victims registered in 2018 (108) are women, that is to say, a proportion of 30.5 percent and a rate of 3.2 for every one hundred thousand women.

On the other hand, 21 women have been victims of corruption of minors, two more have been victims of trafficking of minors and two others of trafficking in persons.


The Criminal Information with a Gender Perspective of the SESNSP reveals that, through the emergency numbers, in San Luis Potosí, 1,963 incidents of violence against women have been reported: a rate of 164.9 cases for every one hundred thousand women who live in the entity.

In addition, through this means, 165 cases of sexual abuse have been reported, which places San Luis Potosí in the 7th position of the ten entities that report the most incidents of abuse through the emergency numbers.

The rate observed by the state in the incidence of this crime (11.4 cases per hundred thousand women) is also one of the ten highest in the country. The national rate is 7.4 incidents per 100 thousand women.

Through the emergency numbers, 84 cases of sexual harassment or harassment have been reported. In this crime, San Luis reports a rate of 5.4 cases per hundred thousand women.

It should be noted that harassment or harassment is also included in the National Catalog of Emergency Incidents and is defined as «conduct where a person takes advantage of having a superior hierarchical position with respect to another, as well as in the case that the hierarchical position is equal , to deprive her of her sexual freedom and security, repeatedly besieging her for the performance of a sexual act».

The emergency numbers have been the way to report at least 96 cases of rape, a crime that increased during 2018, reaching, between the months of January and November, 479 cases.

Added to these figures, the entity also records a high number of cases of partner violence, with 3 thousand 333 incidents registered in 11 months of 2018, which implies 229.6 cases per hundred thousand women, reported through the emergency numbers .

In addition emergency numbers have received 14 thousand 556 calls for help for cases of family violence. A rate of 1002.6 cases per hundred thousand women.


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