LXII Legislature: they lie about their salaries and hide, even their gender!

The patrimonial declarations of the deputies present inconsistencies and they are obvious due to their opacity

By José Luis Vázquez


The data on the monthly income of the local deputies of San Luis Potosí, which are published in the transparency section of the State Congress, are confusing. Even some legislators chose to hide if they belong to the male or female gender.

In total, of 27 legislators, 26 have presented at least their declaration of assets. In addition, in some cases you can check the monthly remuneration for the public office they hold; however, they censor data such as the number and value of movable and immovable property of which they are owners; the amount and type of vehicles they own; their investments and even their gender.

In fact, only the deputy Óscar Carlos Vera Fabregat and the deputy María del Rosario Sánchez Olivares decided to reveal that they belong to the masculine and feminine gender respectively.

On the other hand, when inquiring into the salaries received by each one of the congressmen, it can be seen that the amounts differ, even though they all receive the same salary; and there are even some who, according to his statement, do not receive any salary, while others claim to only earn around 56 thousand pesos. Moreover, certain legislators report charging up to 162 thousand pesos each month.

The morenista bench, for example, is made up of six legislators, Alejandra Valdés Martínez and Edson de Jesús Quintanar who, according to their patrimonial declaration, earn 162,816 pesos per month. They are followed by Marité Hernández Correa and María del Consuelo Carmona Salas, with 115,150 pesos; and Rosa Zúñiga Luna with 105 thousand pesos. Finally, Angelica Mendoza Camacho decided to test her monthly salary.

Among the panistas, Sonia Mendoza Díaz and Vianey Montes Colunga are the legislators who receive the most money, that is, 115,150 pesos a month; José Antonio Zapata Meraz is next with 114 thousand 054 pesos; then Rolando Hervert Lara, with 103 thousand 634 pesos; Rubén Guajardo Barrera with 102 thousand pesos; and then Ricardo Villarreal, who only receives 90 thousand.

On the other hand, among the PRI members, Martín Juárez Córdova and Hector Mauricio Ramírez Konishi, each one receives 162,816 pesos per month, while Beatriz Eugenia Benavente Rodríguez reported charging 115,000 pesos; María del Rosario Sánchez Olivares, 114,084 pesos; and Laura Patricia Silva Celis, who 112 thousand pesos of monthly diet.

Regarding the PRD deputies there is also a great difference, and that, according to their patrimonial statements, while Jesus Emmanuel Ramos Hernandez receives 93 thousand 984 pesos per month, his counterpart María Isabel González Tovar receives 162 thousand 816 pesos.

The case of the PTs is special because despite the fact that Pedro Carrizales Becerra claimed to have presented his 3de3 at the last minute, there is no record in the web portal of the Congress; and in the case of Paola Arreola Nieto, she ensures that she receives zero pesos as a monthly income for her public position.

Edgardo Hernández Contreras and Cándido Ochoa Rojas, both of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), receive 115 thousand 800 pesos and 115 thousand 150 pesos respectively, which makes a difference of 750 pesos

Finally, Eugenio Govea Arcos, from Movimiento Ciudadano; and Oscar Vera Fábregat, of Popular Conscience, earn 93 thousand 985 pesos per month each; Mario Lárraga Delgado, of the Social Encounter Party (PES) receives 92 thousand pesos; while Martha Barajas García, of the New Alliance Party (PANAL) only receives 56 thousand 550 pesos, which would place her as the congresswoman with the lowest salary.

It should also be noted that the 26 deputies who submitted their declaration of assets also presented their declaration of interests; however, only 13 submitted the corresponding to their fiscal situation, although in none of the aforementioned can you see the detail of the data.

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