Ricardo Gallardo resigned from the PRD

«It is a party that moved away from my convictions», he said

By La Orquesta

Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, federal deputy and leader of the PRD bloc in San Lazaro, resigned from the party after some differences he had with members of the political group.

Through a bulletin, the deputy informed: «I leave to the PRD with deep gratitude for everything we could do for the benefit of those who have less. Many thanks to the people with whom I had the honor of working. Women and men who never get tired, and there is no ray of sun or rain that lowers their spirits, always looking for the best for their neighbors”.

Gallardo Cardona points out that the reasons for leaving the party are that the PRD «is a party that moved away from my leftist convictions. For being allied with the PRI and its pact with Mexico, as well as with the right when agreeing not to have a presidential candidate». He added that the PRD «has stopped opening spaces for direct dialogue between the militants and above all with the people».

Finally, he said «to my countrymen from San Luis Potosí I want to tell you something in front and with great joy, we will continue fighting (…) do not have doubts, the best is coming for our beautiful state».


During the same press conference Gallardo Cardona established that «it is the perfect moment to say goodbye, with a great feeling I say it. I do not move any personal issue, it’s a matter of conviction».

He noted that «it is a matter of ideals. Today I see the party very confused, I see my party that we have not yet assimilated what happened in the election of 2018 and that fills me that there is no congruence».

«The ideals of the left have always been like that, an engine that moves us to get things for the people of Mexico, and today, I think my party is confused, can not find the door.»

«Today I’m taking a big step to feel free, to feel independent (…) to be able to vote as my convictions mark».

He added that he is joined by more colleagues to «vote freely and not have a political line like the one we have been talking about».

The deputies who also split from the party are: Lilia Villafuerte Zavala, Luz Estefanía, Carlos Torres Piña, Hector Serrano, Emanuel Pérez Carmona, Raymundo García Gutiérrez, Mauricio Toledo and Javier Salinas.

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