Finanzas already contributed more money for the Metrobus in SLP

Ramiro Robledo denied that the work of the metrobus will be restarted in March

By José Luis Vázquez


The head of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) in San Luis Potosí, Ramiro Robledo Lopez, acknowledged that there is still no exact date to restart the metrobus project that would connect the Central Zone with the Industrial Zone of the capital.

The official denied that the work of the metrobus will be restarted in March, despite the fact that the president of the Commission of Communications and Transportation of the State Congress, Alejandra Valdés Martínez, confirmed it a few weeks ago.

«What follows is that in coordination with Banobras and the State Road Board (JEC), the whole issue is prepared to be able to tender the public works, that is the subject that continues in the coming months, (…) there is no a date, it’s not something that I can tell you, it’s not up to me, I’m not the one who decides”, he apologized.

Robledo Lopez explained that the public works to be tendered covers a preferred lane that runs from Alameda to the Industrial Zone on the 128th axis: «it is a lane with signage issues, terminal issues and transfers on the 128 axis, etc».

In this regard, he commented on the delay in the continuation of this project: «a very strong effort was made during the past year and one of the delays that we had and that finally was resolved was the constitution of the trust with Banobras.

«As you know, this work will be done through a trust, since there are federal and state resources. That trust was constituted last year, including the first state contribution and the Secretary of Finance issued it».

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