Viviana’s killer will only have 20 years of punishment

The new criminal justice system allowed to cut his sanction for recognizing his crime

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Prosecutors of the Specialized Homicide and Feminicide Unit of the Attorney General of San Luis Potosí (PGJSLP) managed to obtain a sentence of 20 years in prison for Fernando, who a year ago kidnapped and murdered his former sentimental partner, the young Viviana Elizabeth, whose body left in a well of the municipality of Ahualulco. The press area of ​​this institution explained that the crime of feminicide can reach penalties between 45 and 60 years, however, in this case the accused were reduced their sentence because the figure of “brief trials” in which the accused side can reduce his penalty (that can reach up to one third less than the penalty) if it accepts his responsibility.

The PGJE detailed that the accomplice of the crime, Sergio Emmanuel, was sentenced to 10 years in prison; in addition, both must comply with the payment of compensation for the damage.
The events occurred on November 13, 2016, when the lifeless body of Viviana was located in a well in the former Hacienda of the community of La Parada, in Ahualulco.

The girl was missing since November 11, 2016, when she left her home in the Sauzalito neighborhood of the capital of Potosina to go to her workplace; however, he never returned home.

Once the relatives denounced her disappearance, the policemen managed to establish the participation of Fernando, who was former sentimental partner of the now-deceased, as well as his friend Sergio Emmanuel, as the probable responsible for kidnapping and murdering her.

In December 2016, the prosecutors managed to obtain the corresponding arrest warrants against the two involved, who were arrested on different dates for the crime of feminicide, starting their legal process since then.

The subject, identified as Sergio Emmanuel, reportedly confessed that Fernando asked him for help to kidnap Viviana, feigning an assault to “give her a scare”; however, the case ended in the feminicide of the girl.

According to the official report, the investigation of the authority was based specifically on field work and video recordings collected in different businesses, as well as a private home, where in addition to the participation of Fernando, the identity of the second involved was obtained.

The two sentenced are being held in the social rehabilitation center of La Pila in the city.

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