UASLP made improper payments for 4 million pesos

51 profesores recibieron sueldos sin cumplir requisitos para ocupar sus plazas, dice la ASF

By La Orquesta


According to information contained in the portal of the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF), the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP) paid more than four million pesos to teachers who did not comply with the requirements contemplated in the bylaws during the 2016 period.

The sheet of observations of the ASF, included in the Individual Report of the Result of the Superior Examination of the Public Account 2016, presumes that the UASLP made improper payments for a total of 4 million 10 thousand 854 pesos to 51 places that do not meet the requirements of professors level C and to 22 teaching positions of the University Department of English that do not have the necessary requirements to be considered as subject teachers in the Language Center.

The document does not specify what are the requirements that were not complied with, but the indication implies a carelessness in the attention to the regulations prepared for them. They are, therefore, teachers who receive a bonus for qualifications that they don’t have… or that is at least what the ASF assumes, because the cases have not been justified.

The conclusion of the ASF comes from the fact that the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí sent documentation that correctly justifies 85 places of teachers of level C, but another 51 places of subject C level and 22 teaching positions of the Language Center were pending. Due to this, the ASF presumes “a probable damage or prejudice or both to the Federal Public Treasury” for the millionaire figure mentioned before.

The professors of subject C are those who are not full-time, and who are paid 83 pesos with 93 cents per hour, according to the tabulators of the university. This without counting monthly and annual benefits, such as  the holiday bonus and the resource that is granted by didactic material.

The above means that of the total money paid to teachers level C (this is 8 million 717 thousand 200 pesos), 39 percent have observations by the ASF.



With regard to the Federal Subsidies for State Decentralized Bodies, the ASF itself made a series of observations on the way in which the UASLP is managed at the institutional level.

Although the strengths of the university are mentioned, like the good internal control in surveillance and detection of violation of ethical values, as well as the formulation of municipal development plans, the UASLP has a series of weaknesses that are exposed as a focus of attention.

Among the weaknesses, it is stated that the UASLP lacks a committee on Internal Control or Institutional Performance. In addition, that “it does not have a formalized procedure to evaluate the performance of its personnel” and “it lacks a personnel training program in matters of Internal Control”.

Special mention should be made of work against corruption, as when the report highlights that the University did not carry out a clear methodology for managing corruption risks or a periodic review in areas susceptible to possible acts of corruption.

In total, the ASF highlights 5 strengths of the UASLP at the level of Internal Control, while pointing out 11 weaknesses under the same concept.



The four million pesos spent in improper payments may sound a little distant, if viewed in a cold way, but the figure acquires greater perspective and notoriety if one takes into account that it is equivalent to the quota coverage of around 445,555 trips in urban bus (at a standard price of 9 pesos), one of the items that caused the greatest concern among students due to the sustained increment of cost  in recent years.

It should be recalled that at the beginning of 2018 the petition request by the University Federation (FUP) to Governor Juan Manuel Carreras, to reach an agreement after the bus rate rise in San Luis Potosí (which went from 8.50 pesos to 9 pesos) , included in its third section the petition of 10 million pesos each year for the granting of transportation scholarships.

What is more, with four million pesos it is possible to give 100% enrollment grants to around 735 Engineering students, according to the fee established for the 2015-2016 school year, the latest ones appearing on the Faculty website.

And, above all, with those four million pesos, the same places that were paid in 2016 could be paid … but this time to professors who had the endorsement of fulfilling the requirements of the maximum house of studies.

It is not that the money has disappeared, nor that it has not been used. It was used for payroll, however, the University should clarify what happened with irregular cases, since the university and academia should give an example of transparency and accountability, which is so demanding to the political class.



Just yesterday, the UASLP signed a salary increase for 2018 of 3.4% together with the Union of Associations of Academic Personnel (UAPA). With the new work contract for the period 2018-2020, more than 3 thousand academics will benefit.

The rector Manuel Fermín Villar stressed that the university officials are working to increase the budgets of the University, both with the SEP and with the state government. This, which will undoubtedly be positive, must be accompanied by a rigorous analysis to verify that the staff of the institution meets the necessary requirements to prevent future observations revisions made by the federation.

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