Three women less in three days

The violent death of three women accentuates the security crisis in San Luis Potosí

By La Orquesta

Last weekend began a spiral of crimes against women in San Luis Potosí. From Saturday 24 to Tuesday, March 27, the violent death of three women ocurred, each with the unmistakable sign of brutality. Three deaths in just three days is a milestone in the state, but at the same time are part of a black dynamic that involves an exponential rise in crimes against women that has been unleashed in 2018.

If in all 2017 there were 18 feminicides in total, a figure that is already high, in the current year the number of homicides against women has skyrocketed. This is a significant fact: a little more than a month was enough for 2018 to reach half of that unfortunate record: just until February 6, nine murders of women were registered, some of them were considered femicides, although some others have not been categorized in that way. To this we must add what happened in the last month and a half, where between official data and tragedies not yet clarified, confirms the crisis that at the security level permeates San Luis Potosí.

However, the three cases referred to in this article have peculiarities that captured media attention in a special way.


Around 6:00 pm on Saturday, the Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) located the bodies of a man and a woman inside a house located in the Azaleas neighborhood of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez. The fact, already shocking, acquired a greater dimension at the time when an analysis of the scene was made. According to first reports from the authorities, the man’s body was hanging in the bathroom and it is estimated that he would have at least four days to begin his decomposition process. While the woman, of whom she was a couple, was cut into four pieces in the refrigerator.

The press area of ​​the PGJE reported that next to the man’s body was located a note in which the man allegedly tells that he had had a fight with his partner, so she had decided to end the relationship and then commit suicide.

Faced with the possibility of being blamed for the death, he would have panicked so he decided to commit suicide. However, the PGJE collected other indications and awaits the result of the necropsy to determine if this is true or the woman could have been the victim of a femicide.

The first versions indicate that both were between 25 and 30 years old but this has not been determined officially either.

A neighbor who reported the bad smell that emanated from the house, said that for days he had not seen the couple and that the last contact he had with them was when they asked him, a week before, to take care of their cats.

Although the couple did not have a record registered with the authorities, residents of the home declared that they used to have conflicts. However, not much is known. La Orquesta went to the address to gather testimonies among the inhabitants of the community and the position was generalized. Nobody knew them very well. The now deceased had moved just five or six months ago in that house and did not usually talked with the rest of the neighbors. Apparently they used to left early in the morning and returned late at night. Nothing unusual or special reported by the residents of the neighborhood , who pointed out that the street is not highly dangerous, except for some gang fights that took place in nearby condominiums.

On the facade of the house there are no further signs of what happened inside the walls. Only the seals placed in the bars by the authorities as part of the insurance of the place. The only striking detail is a security camera placed near the front door.



The night of Monday, March 26, closed with another unfortunate event. A woman who was heading to her home on Carranza Street in the San Antonio neighborhood suffered a bullet attack that caused fatal injuries at the base of her neck. The affected, a young woman of about 18 years, still managed to ask for help at home. She arrived with his hand on the wound, with one last desperate attempt to save herself. But despite the quick arrival of the Red Cross paramedics, she could not achieve it. The loss of blood gave the definitive sentence and when the attention arrived she had already passed away.

The event, which occurred at approximately 11:00 p.m., is also under investigation. It is not known who was responsible for the act or the motives of the crime. The security forces have not updated the news on the subject, but the narration of the facts paid to shock, once again, the public.

Woman cut throat in a hotel in Rioverde

Finally, on Monday the Deputy Attorney General of the Middle Zone began to investigate under the feminicide protocol the finding of a corpse in a hotel in the municipality of Rioverde.

Around noon, the State Ministerial Police in the company of Expert Services attended the report of this event in the building located on Doctor Islands Street, in the center of Rioverde.

According to initial information, the woman’s body had been decapitated. The neck injury, allegedly with a knife, left an additional stranger to the attorney general’s office, so she was taken to the Legista Medical Service, where the autopsy is expected to clarify the situation.

The only thing that is known so far is that the woman was 28 years old, but no further details of his identity have been revealed.

The hotel room was completely revised. Several elements were taken into account to be analyzed by the experts who hope that the results will nurture the research portfolio to clarify this crime and find out who is responsible.


Despite the seriousness of the situation that has lasted throughout his administration, governor Juan Manuel Carreras insisted that we must continue with the strategy to combat femicides in San Luis Potosí. “What you have to do is continue to strengthen, check, follow up properly”, he said when questioned about two cases of femicide.

The governor reiterated that the gender alert is a method that is being taken as a working mechanism, where the participation of all police corporations and civil society organizations is monitored.

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