The tricolor dressed in blue: Meade in SLP

A chronicle of the visit of José Antonio Meade to San Luis Potosí

By Jorge Saldaña

They did not kill a fat lamb, they did not dress him in the best suit, they did not put a ring on his finger or shoes on his feet, but San Luis Potosí yesterday felt the return of a prodigal son, a distant one perhaps, but after all the only one with presidential aspirations that has certain roots with one of the most stale Potosian surnames.

It is José Antonio Meade, the PRI candidate for the first magistracy who, dressed as a panist, in a blue sky shirt, arrived driving a white work van to the Midori company located in one of the industrial parks.

It was midday and a small, but important group awaited the anointed of the peñanietismo. Senator Teófilo Torres Corzo, wearing a thin and striking lilac guayabera, was in charge of introducing Meade with Vicente Rangel Mancilla, partner of the industrial park, as well as executives and employees who quickly extended their hand to the visitor.

Behind closed doors for the media, the pre-candidate sat down with half a dozen young workers to whom he gave a photo and shared briefly a bottle of water. The political profitability of the act would be questioned a little later, especially since its pre-campaign is supposed to be directed to members of its party with the right to vote in the tricolor convention and not to Potosian workers in the vehicle clothing industry.

The greeting in private with the businessman son of the late Don Vicente Rangel seemed to justify the act, but few were able to witness the meeting and the agreements, if there were any.

Minutes later, Meade went to the fabric reception area for the company, which at that time became a reception area for the media, which also wanted to see.

It could not. A collaborator of the precandidate was precise and it shrank to the union hardly three questions of which they respected two.

On education the first, and on corruption and PRI candidates in San Luis the second, specifically on Oscar Bautista and his explicit intention to jump from the Corrupted Equation to a federal seat.

The response was very similar to what was expressed by Meade in Veracruz on Sunday. “There will be no room for people who seek to serve and the PRI will have to vindicate”.

Someone had to take note of the matter, because although he tried on a couple of occasions, Oscar Bautista was not allowed to go near Meade, and when he was less than a meter away, it was the deputy mustache from the Middle Zone himself. He hesitated to extend his hand to Meade and apparently the cameras were very close and Bautista, who did not lose their eye, was clear about it.

Let’s go to the game, his announced adviser José Ramón Martel told the candidate as he climbed into the back cabin of the truck with the dream of becoming a presidential candidate.
In the Luis Donaldo Colosio AV., from 11 in the morning began a disguised carry of militants who arrived in batches in the same private vehicles.

In spite of the efforts and the more than three hours of delay, the full crowd was not achieved at the Plutarco Elías Calles auditorium, much less in the exterior esplanade of the Potosí building.
The candidate descended again from the vehicle to immediately confront the long kisses and “selfieway” that was prepared for him.

In the first row all the PRI deputies waited for him, that with his permission without salary in hand, left the permanent one in the Congress, in which by the way, without quorum, the rest of the legislators were animated to session violating his Rules of Procedure. It will be a topic for another time. At the moment everyone was chanting Meade, and they were looking for the opportunity to shake their hand.

He greeted all those in the front ranks, but he emphasized the grip with Enrique Galindo Ceballos, who was strategically placed, achieved the task and even exchanged a short comment with Meade that unfortunately was inaudible.

Likewise, the personal comment he made to the deputy Gerardo Serrano Gaviño, whom he looked for, approached him and expressed a “we’ll see each other for a while to eat with the family and talk with you”. Fernando Chávez and others who were on the side of “Chilito” could not hide their expression of surprise.

With the attention placed on Meade, the priistas and media almost missed the presence of Mrs. Lorena Valle, wife of the governor Juan Manuel Carreras, whom they placed next to the wife of the candidate, Juana Cuevas, but José himself Antonio in his speech was responsible for making it notice but not in the most accurate way:

“I thank Lorena Valles …” he said twice during his speech making a small “peñanietazo”.

If there was no fat lamb during the meeting with businessmen that later led the pre-candidate tricolor dressed in blue in the stables of the family Torres Corzo, much less there were frutsis or cakes in the PRI. The audit of the INE does not forgive and they have just sold it as one of the precandidates that has spent the most. No less austerity.

So for very “Chato” Lopez, Valladares, Martin Alba, Torres Corzo or BMW manager in San Luis, nobody could get more than coffee and an exhibition on the economic conditions of the country and the security challenges that are faces the State.

The large and well-tended gardens of the Corzo Towers received more water yesterday, than the “cream and cream” of the Potosi oligarchies and the representatives of the business chambers that gathered around the former Secretary of the Treasury of both Calderón and Peña Nieto.

Finally, the forum “Puntos de encuentro” was held at the Centro de las Artes in San Luis Potosí and there Meade again expressed his commitment for the country, the importance of youth participation, he exalted the dual program of study and work, he praised the role of women and the productive sectors.

Nothing new under the sun. There was no national notice, there was no relevant announcement. The potosinos saw a statesman prepared more than a politician of drag, many data, little enthusiasm. Good treatment, kind and attentive, but low profile and little magnetic charisma.

As St. John wrote in the parable of the prodigal son: “But it was necessary to celebrate and rejoice, because this brother was dead and has been revived; It had been lost and is found”.

For that reason before the departure Jose Antonio, the “Meade” took the photo of the memory, all the descendants and aggregates swirled to their distant relative. This is how Meade’s visit to San Luis was lived. A panist who returned to his land in the form of a tricolor candidate, and that is not, by the way, the first time that this happen to us.

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