The six policemen who murdered Enrique Gómez are free

 Judge determined that they confused him; there was agreement with his family

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On Wednesday, the Attorney General’s Office of the State (PGJE) confirmed that the six ministerial police officers implicated in the murder of Enrique Gómez, which occurred on February 27, 2017, were released.

The PGJE issued a press release in which reveals that in first verdict four years in prison were determined for the ex-policemen, which was reduced to conditional freedom after their defense stated that they do not have a criminal history. In addition, it is added that the victim’s family reached an agreement with those involved, who were charged with the crime of homicide in indeterminate degree of authorship.

During the night of Monday, February 26, an Abbreviated Procedure hearing was held, in which the judge imposed on the six involved a sentence of four years in prison and the payment of compensation for the damage to Enrique’s family.
At the hearing, according to the press release: “elements determined that it was a confusion of the police officers, since the young man tried to flee in the truck he was traveling, because previously the agents look for a probable criminal”.

Subsequently, three days ago (Tuesday, February 27), during the hearing for the execution of the sentence, the judge concluded that the exagents complied with the requirements to “enjoy the legal remedy of the Conditional Suspension of the Penalty, as well as the respective payment of the pecuniary sanction imposed by the Court, the judicial authority granted them freedom under that modality”, which is fully accredited and contemplated in the new criminal justice system.

asesinato de Quique GómezTHE NIGHT QUIQUE WAS KILLED

On the night of June 28, Enrique Gómez was traveling with his little sister in a white van on Papagayo Avenue  in the Las Julias neighborhood of the capital of San Luis Potosí. Suddenly an unmarked unit of the Ministerial Police marked the stop. In the official version of the events, it is reported that the young man stopped, but made an “accidental movement” that caused the vehicle to advance, so the police decided to open fire.

In the first information, those involved tried to sustain the story that there was a confrontation between them and criminals who opened fire, so they were forced to repel the aggression, for it even “planted” a gun in the truck where Enrique died.

Thanks to the pressure carried out by the Gómez family, this version was dismissed, the ministerial police detained and finally admitted to be responsible for the murder, however, none acknowledged having fired the murder weapon, therefore the charge for which they were judged was homicide in degree of indeterminate authorship.

Federico Garza Herrera


When the first four ministerial police officers linked to the case were arrested, the then prosecutor, Federico Garza Herrera, assured that the work of these elements was very professional:

“Their work engenders responsibilities. They are very professional, but sometimes mistakes are made (…) the governor himself has pointed out, nobody above the law and is not the exception”.



The deputy Graciela Gaitán said that she does not agree with the release of the policemen and considered that the new justice system affects the victims.

He added that modifications are needed, so the Legislative Power needs to approve new initiatives for punishment, “because it is sad to know that they are free.”

The deputy Jesus Cardona Mireles said that this new system “seems to protect the offender more than the citizen, since he considers that when the procedures are carried out and there is a failure or falls through, they are released because the dynamics of the process”.

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