The Nava connection gathers friends and relatives in the municipal cabinet

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At the end of September, when he presented only part of his cabinet, Xavier Nava Palacios assured that in his work team “there are no compadres or comadres”. However, the configuration of his cabinet ended up contradicting him, as has been made known to the media this week. The headlines he appointed for various key positions in the municipal administration are, in fact, made up of figures close to his personal circle or profiles associated with the elite of the power in San Luis Potosí.

In some cases the connection is direct, in others it is second line. But when analyzing the profiles it is possible to find signs of cronyism and influence that constantly prevail in the new city hall of the capital. La Orquesta then presents a series of files related to the most significant cases, where it can be seen how the profiles of the Navista cabinet are dotted with nepotism and “compadrazgo”.

There are six members of the Nava cabinet benefiting from a personal relationship with their direct boss. They, in addition, splash other characters of the high potosinos spheres.


In 2014, the KNP Abogados was founded, which had Xavier Nava Palacios as a partner, with offices in Mexico City and San Luis Potosí. But he was not alone then. Several individuals now linked to their municipal presidency, were also partners of that law firm.

As disclosed by a local media, KNP Abogados’ partners highlight some names that finally ended up being linked to the current municipal administration commanded by Xavier Nava. As an example of this are Germán González Martí and Jorge Luna Mezquida, who “coincidentally” have relatives in the Navista cabinet.

In the official presentation of KNP Abogados, which took place at the Convention Center, several members of the current Nava team met. There were also people from the business, political and social domains of the state.

“There are two offices, one that emerges in Mexico City with only potosino partners […] and we are merging with another office, also from potosinos, that they had maintained their practice here in San Luis”, Nava said. introduction.


Your character…


* He is the brother-in-law of Alejandro Nava Calvillo, uncle of Xavier Nava.

* His nieces have a close relationship with Sebastián Pérez, general secretary of the City Council.

Your character is José Mejía Lira, internal controller of the City Council.




Your character…


* Is the daughter-in-law of ex-mayor Jorge Lozano Armengol.

* Was a candidate for a councilor in 2015 and a candidate for a federal deputation for the PAN.

* Has a political link with the Lozano family, close to the Navas.


Your character is Yara Mariana Nagore Rojas, Tourism director.



Your character…


*Is sister of Ana Alvarado, wife of Mauricio Lozano, nephew of Jorge Lozano.

*Is niece of Gerardo Zermeño, former leader of Canaco (2014-2017).

*Is the political niece of Germán González Martí, who was arrested by an alleged influence peddler in the sale that the KNP group made with the government of Juan Manuel Carreras.

*Is member of Attention to the rightful beneficiary of the IMSS.


Your character is Verónica Alvarado Zermeño, in charge of Strategic Affairs of the City Council.



Your character…


*Is the first cousin of Rodrigo Portillo Díaz, treasurer of the City Council.

*Is the political nephew of Governor Juan Manuel Carreras.

*Is the brother-in-law of Ricardo García Rojas, an ex-director of the Sports Department with Victoria Labastida and who regains that position in the Nava Palacios cabinet.

*Is a partner of the law firm KNP, founded by Xavier Nava.


Your character is Óscar Valle Portilla, mayor of the City Council.



Your character…


*Is nephew of Fernando Pérez Espinosa, “Calolo”.

*His wife is a friend of the director of Municipal Culture, Cecilia Padrón Quijano, who did not receive the support of much of the artistic community of San Luis Potosí.

* Worked for Alejandra Barrales, president of the national PRD who promoted Xavier Nava as deputy of that party and Calolo as a candidate for governor in 2015.


Your character is Sebastián Pérez García, general secretary of the City Council.


Your character…


* Is the husband of Sandra Valle.

* Is brother-in-law of Óscar Valle Portilla, treasurer of the City Council.

* Is political family member of Lorena Valle, wife of Governor Carreras.

*Is the brother of Francisco García Rojas, director of the Teatro de la Paz.


Your character is Ricardo García Rojas, head of the Sports Department of the City Council.

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