The comeback of Govea

In 2009, Eugenio Govea resigned the PAN, supported a PRI candidate and blamed PAN for insecurity in the country; today has agreed an alliance between Citizen Movement and the blue and white party

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There is no anger that lasts forever. Eugenio Govea lasted only eight years to forget about his annoyance with the PAN. The local leader of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) announced yesterday, along with Xavier Azuara, party leader of the PAN, that both parties have, as part of the Citizen Front for Mexico, decided that in San Luis Potosí their parties will be in alliance for the next elections .

On July 1, 2009, after 13 years of militancy, Eugenio Govea Arcos, who was then a senator by Partido Acción Nacional, presented his resignation to the PAN. He said in an interview for El Universal:

<< I resign because I do not agree with the PAN. Today, Acción Nacional has lost its essence in the hands of a president like Germán Martínez, authoritarian and cheating >>.

Govea Arcos exploded against his party after contending against Alejandro Zapata Perogordo for the panista nomination to the governorship of San Luis Potosí. On that process, the ex-senator reported that there were irregularities committed by Hector Mendizábal, who held the position of president of the party at the state level, was the substitute in the Senate of Zapata and is currently a local deputy.

-We live in very difficult times of insecurity, unemployment, famine, impunity and I am worried about the future of San Luis Potosí. I am convinced that we need a sensitive, caring governor who hears, adds. -Govea affirmed then and completed-, that is Fernando Toranzo (PRI candidate who even raised his hand for a photo).

Along with Govea Arcos other profiles emerged from the PAN, including Jorge Lozano Armengol, then mayor of San Luis Potosí. Which caused the beginning of the party break.

Two years later (2011), in a press conference, Eugenio Govea blamed the PAN for the situation of violence that still prevails in Mexico: << The five responsible ones have a name and a last name: Felipe Calderón Hinojosa of the PAN; José González Morfín, coordinator of the parliamentary group of Senators of the PAN; Josefina Vázquez Mota, federal deputy coordinator of the PAN; Manlio Fabio Beltrones, senator coordinator of the PRI and Francisco Rojas, coordinator of PRI federal deputies. These five have in their hands to make the reforms that Mexico needs, where the most urgent is the reform of the system of public security and justice. The national disaster in which we are involved is for the responsibility of seventy years of corrupt PRI government, and ten years of inept PAN governments >>.

Far from this belligerence against PAN, yesterday Govea shook hands with Azuara in front of the cameras, claimed the importance of PAN and MC being united and took advantage to release a challenge to the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), which at the national level represents the only hope of the blanquiazules to face the presidential race: << The PRD (in SLP) has not shown their interest to be part of the coalition. We will not wait for them >>.

On the part of the PAN, Xavier Azuara Zúñiga, said: “Today the coincidences between both institutes are bigger than any difference and we have joined the work for San Luis Potosí and México.

Despite the absence of years, in the PAN the figure of Govea has strength, in addition its relevance to determine candidates and electoral strategies will be on par with that of Azuara, so from now there is a forecast of conflict between both.


When looking for reasons, in addition to the national line, for this unusual alliance to forge, we must refer to the figure of Marcelo de los Santos Fraga, since both Xavier Azuara and Eugenio Govea are crossed by his closeness to the ex-governor.

In the case of Govea, he was local deputy and senator during the management of Marcelo de los Santos, and has never tried to disguise the sympathy and thanks that he has for the PAN. When in 2013, the Comptroller General of the State imposed a fine of 7 billion 791 thousand pesos and 20 years of disqualification to occupy public posts to De los Santos for the alleged diversion of 500 million pesos from the state government, Govea jumped on his defense and called the penalty as: << It is a monumental scoundrel >>.

About Xavier Azuara, he was an officer in the cabinet of Marcelo during his tenure as governor, since he was in the position of the Instituto Potosino de la Juventud (Inpojuve) and recently in his mayoral campaign, De los Santos was one of the main foundations within the PAN.

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