The chance, the alliance and the mishmash | By Jorge Saldaña

Third Call

Like Christmas in the aisles of Costco, the 2018 election is already breathed into the environment. It is never late, and apparently not too early, in San Luis Potosi to put chili and lemon to salad of the next July 1st.

As if the conditions of gender equity and percentage participation of young people that by Law must comply with all political parties are low. As if it were a small thing, the foreseeable abundance of “independent”, “citizens” or “without party” candidates (believe me, they will be named of the three forms) that will try to conquer the beating heart of the potosinos. Well, to add to all of this, there is the difficult and very particular visions and styles of politicians and aspirants that are already visible in our territory.

Nothing more to begin with is the collective amnesia play that a few days ago Eugenio Govea and Xavier Azuara set up, in which they announced “something like” the Citizen Front for México, but without the PRD, and for that reason the “something like that” because although it seems the same, it is not, simply because the triad is incomplete.

Bad calculation and bad luck of PAN in San Luis Potosí to stick their strategy in these two years to the pattering of the mayeor in turn, of the PRD, and then find out that their national leaders are more friends than ever and that together they will seek to remove the PRI from Los Pinos.

I can already imagine the confussion that will be made on the field trips, they would have to make distinctions that border on the ridiculous: some candidates of the PRD, if we support them, others not, equally to those of the Movimiento Ciudadano, as long as they do not compete in that local or federal district against the PAN candidate, who is part of our Front, but only to the presidential because… and so to the bizarre.

The bet, then, of reconciliation for convenience between these two in SLP, is absurd, and let’s not even talk about numbers because it only takes an abacus to know that the votes of both are not enough to win neither Santo Domingo.

Continuing with alliances and conditions of San Luis Potosí:

The PRI and the Green Party in San Luis have been historical allies, together they took to the power for example to Mario Garcia, to its curul in this legislature to Gerardo Serrano Gaviño and to Jose Luis Romero Calzada, Jano Segovia, Gerardo Limón, Oscar Bautista, Rebeca Terán and Guillermina Morquecho.

What will the potosinos do without the postulation of this beautful characters that gave us the red and green union?

Something we must do and soon, because the relations between those two parties broke exactly the day that Juan Manuel Carreras took possession of the Executive and allowed Cándido Ochoa to kidnap the Legislative, so then the PRI will not have more than to play alone or to be accompanied by some of the named little-parties, like Partido Encuentro Social, Conciencia Popular that certainly eerged of their own roots, or with the same as always, Nueva Alianza.

The same to the Green, that only for not feeling alone, can turn to see to some of these tender and graceful consumers of public resources.

Morena is known to go alone, and the PT will have no other to join the PRD to push candidates who give them enough votes to once again keep their register.

Any other combination, for example one between the PRD-Gallardismo and the PRI, could not be called alliances, but rather agreements that, they say, have been done before.

In summary, the alliances that at the moment are envisaged for San Luis, loaded all with their peculiarities would be:

PRI with Nueva Alianza y Encuentro Social, almost impossible with the Green.

PRD with PT, impossible in fact with PAN.

PAN with MC and perhaps some other small ones like Conciencia, impossible with the PRD.

Green and PRD? It glimpses complicated, especially by the public opinion costs for the PRD.

PAN and PRI?, it will never happen


So far that’s it,, but we will continue soon, now analyzing profiles of the candidates.




Do you remember Lady Pri, formerly known as Marcela González? Well, she’s back (but do not get excited because she did not return to work at her Sedesore office, where she is rarely seen and much less before noon) but to the arms of national priism and he was very well accompanied, obviously in hours of office, by the former national representative, José Manuel García, with whom her is well known to have… a very close relationship. #WhatAGirl



Without warning anyone, yesterday was registered a very interesting figure as an independent candidate for the fifth federal district, the son of the former synarchist and presidential nominee for the Mexican Democratic Party, Gumersindo Magaña, named Paulo. He has a track record as an appraiser and public broker, and has been an activist for some years. Do not lose sight of it, it can give much to talk about. #PayAttention



Speaking of the fifth federal district, it is more than announced that in the PRI Gerardo “Chilito” Serrano wants it and in the PAN Alejandro Lozano “Boris”, however, some people is saying that if this political adversity occurs, Boris would prefer to retire or nor register before contending against the friend of a well-known businessman and owner of the newspaper Pulso, of whom Chilito enjoys a blessing, while Boris only have the bless of the Pope… with that handicap it’s difficult. #EstáCabrón

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