The ASF shows mismanagement of the state government

Carreras administration has not clarified the use of 428 million pesos

By La Orquesta


The Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) presented additional information that accounts for irregularities and omissions on the part of the Government of the State of San Luis Potosí during the 2016 period in matters of inspection. In total, the administration of Juan Manuel Carreras has not clarified the use of just over 428 million 600 thousand pesos under different concepts, which, presumably, could mean “a probable damage or damage or both to the Federal Treasury”.

In general, in recent days the issue has become a headache for the management of the governor, since it shows evidence of mismanagement of the public coffers in matters that, moreover, are a pending account of his administration. This is the case with items such as health, safety and public works, which in recent months have raised a constant debate over various structural failures.



This is the case with the irregularities of more than 51 million pesos in health services, reported last week by La Orquesta. It is about money that was not applied or whose use has not been verified by the local authorities. Something that, without a doubt, is a type of negligence, especially if you take into account the crisis through different health centers, as happens with the Central Hospital that carries a millionaire debt and roams with severe limitations. Just last year at the Central Hospital had to suspend a series of surgical interventions already scheduled that eventually affected about 500 patients.

The secretary of Health, Monica Liliana Rangel Martinez, shielded herself stating that they are within the required parameters. “We are within what the agreements mark. At the moment they are observing us, it seems that they have not been executed, but it should be mentioned that they were also received late, to say the least”, she said of the observations made by the ASF.

The backwardness of the Central Hospital is, however, pronounced. It is estimated that around one billion pesos are required for the remodeling project. At the beginning of the year, the deputy Graciela Gaitán Díaz, secretary of the Health and Social Assistance Commission of the LXI Legislature, considered that the state government has the great responsibility to continue managing the resources required for the development of works and actions in the hospital.



The problem is already wide and reaches different organs of the public service. According to the accounts available on the ASF portal, the state government has a series of outstanding accounts in the use of federal resources.

This is what happens, for example, with regard to security, one of the items that have caused most controversy within the Carreras administration. In this sense, the observation sheets indicate a lack of application of resources corresponding to the Contributions Fund for Public Security of the States, as well as different anomalies. In one of these categories, the financial gap represents over 45 million pesos.

Despite the dramatic increase in femicides and historical figures in regard to homicides and violence, there is a sustained neglect regarding the application of monetary resources in this area. And although that money has not been used or has not been checked, security plans are still half-hearted. Just in December of 2017, Manuel Barrera Guillén had announced that after the study and analysis of the Budget of Expenditures 2018, it was decided that there would be no increases in the public security sector, something that raised controversy due to the rise in different crimes that exist in the state.

Shortly before, Héctor Mendizábal had pointed out that security was a top issue for the administration. “In an act of responsibility must be first education, health and safety; those items would be the priority”.  However, the evidence has shown that, at least at the time of rendering accounts, in security there is a mismatch.

The legislator Sergio Desfassiux Cabello pointed to the crisis that exists today. “We are living through a very strong crisis in San Luis Potosí, we had never seen the theft of ATMs, we had never seen them steal a truck, they went to a restaurant, so many jewelries, unprecedented things”.


Another of the most striking aspects presented by the ASF has to do with a series of resources granted for works that have not been able to verify, although they are reported as exercised. In a total of six public works, the probable damage or damage to the Public Treasury reaches an amount of more than 24 million pesos.

In another section it is presumed the probable damage to the Federal Public Treasury for 12 million 473 thousand pesos (twelve million four hundred seventy three thousand two hundred and eighty three pesos 47/100 MN) “that at the date of the audit are not operating, so that the benefit to the target population is not provided. “
Due to this, the government of San Luis Potosí must offer the documentary evidence of the application of the resources in accordance with the provisions of the Fiscal Coordination Law.

Another important amount is that it refers to a void of almost 21 million pesos typified as a probable damage or prejudice to the Public Treasury, this for not making the entire Income Tax to the Tax Administration System (SAT) for the concept of retentions of payment of economic supports.


On February 22, Governor Juan Manuel Carreras once again evaded questions about the observations made to the public account of 2016 by ASF. The governor limited himself to saying that the government he heads is working to resolve these observations, and that he would precisely hold a meeting to be able to transparently resolve the delivery of these accounts.

In any case, the administration is touched. In an era characterized by transparency and an ever more rigorous rendering of accounts, this type of failures, which in the past could have passed by, nowadays becomes a turning point in the perception that one has of a governor and his team, at least from the federation.

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