“Sometime next year” could be ready the metrobus: Carreras

There is no clear date for it

By José Luis Vázquez

In recent days it was commented that the metrobús project would be the best project of the six years of governor Juan Manuel Carreras. However, to this day there is no clear date to terminate this project.

The issue came up during the “Panamerican Race” parade, in its edition number 30, where the governor was questioned about this project, which he answered by saying that it is under analysis: “Today we were seeing it, probably the secretary will give you the details. “

Regarding that the retirement of the investment of Ford at the beginning of this year could have slowed the conclusion of the project, the governor noted that both matters have no relation.

He said that a meeting was held in which he hoped to take all the necessary measures to close the project: “I hope to finalize it sometime next year, by the second half of next year.”

Regarding the statements made by deputy Desfassiux with the change of the project from Industrias Avenue to Road 57 and a possible diversion of resources, he mentioned: “I understand that the use of this route is for transportation of personnel, because the work is done, there would only be to see the handling of the funds and to compensate if it were so, not to affect the funds of the system of the metrobús”.

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