Sister-in-law to the secretary general? HIRED

Sebastián Pérez García, said there is no conflict of interest, despite the fact that his wife’s sister “got” a high-level position at the City Hall

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In just his second week in the position, Sebastián Pérez García is involved in a case of conflict of interest. The new general secretary of the San Luis Potosí City Council has his wife’s sister working in the municipal administration.  

This is Anais Capablanca, who has been working since October 1 as head of design in the communication area of the City Council.

The scandal was unleashed a couple of days ago when a network of nepotism was discovered within the cabinet of Xavier Nava Palacios, but on wednesday it acquired a greater dimension when Pérez García was confronted by the media.

Questioned in the presence of his sister-in-law within the municipal administration in a high-level position, the official responded with hesitation and evasion since the questions that the reporters asked him “were not agreed upon”.

To a question about the identity of Anais Capablanca,  Pérez García limited himself to saying that she is “a designer”, but at the insistence of the reporters, he finally admitted, between hesitations, that she was the sister of his wife.

However, Sebastián Pérez defended the hiring of his sister-in-law, since as a designer “meets the profile to develop the position”, although previously he had confessed not knowing “how is the issue with her employment situation”.

On how the hiring of Anais Capablanca occurred, the navista official said that he “believe” that it had been for a job application. “From how many profiles was this person chosen?”, a reporter asked. At this point it was where Sebastián Pérez abounded in what happened, stating that within the Nava project there are still some offices without a director.

“I am not responsible, now it is the coordinator, the head of the Social Communication office, but evidently, as you know, there was first an office manager in which a director is still not named and the process of construction of this area has gone through a very large number, very robust, of the best profiles”, he said.

So far the municipal government of Xavier Nava has not made public a contracting program or has announced calls for opposition competitions to join their workforce.

When taking protest as the new mayor of the capital on October 1, Nava Palacios expressed a very different message to the one that has finally landed in reality. “No more, never again, to an authority that seeks to take advantage of the private sector and engage in citizenship, no more corruption, no more discretion, opacity or dishonesty in the management of public resources”.

What’s more, at the end of September, when he presented only part of his cabinet, Nava said that in his work team “there are no compadres or comadres” … but it turns out that there are.

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