Since the gender alert, eleven women murdered

Seven of the crimes occurred in the metropolitan area

By The Sax

Since last June 21, when the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) issued the Alert on Gender Violence for municipalities, at least 11 women have been killed in San Luis Potosí.

These killings or femicides, –the investigations will decide-, but murders of women have been committed this way: 4 in San Luis Potosí, 3 in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, and the remaining 5 in Matehuala, Villa de Reyes, Santo Domingo, Tamazunchale and Villa de Ramos.

It should be remembered that four of these municipalities (San Luis Potosí, Soledad, Matehuala and Tamazunchale) are included in the Gender Alert.

From January to date, at least 28 women have been killed in San Luis Potosí territory. Of these intentional homicides, 42 percent have been committed in the little more than two and a half months since the alert was issued.

On June 24th, just three days after the Segob announced the determination, the body of a woman who had been reported missing by her relatives, was located, buried in a building in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez.

A day later, on the night of Sunday, June 25th, another woman was shot to death in a taco stand with her husband in Matehuala.

Already in July, on the ninth day, after a long agony, died a woman who had been stabbed days before in Tamazunchale, in a crime that the authorities of the Attorney General’s Office (PGJSLP) did not elaborate on.

On July 10th, another woman was killed in a hospital after being shot by members of a gang in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez. According to journalistic information, the alleged murderer was identified as a member of a gang, but apparently has not been arrested.

On July 13th, another woman was executed along with her partner. Both by gunshots. The corpses were located on a road near the Tanque Tenorio, near the community of Los Gómez.

On July 16th, a woman’s body was found dead in the community of San Antonio de Calihuey, in the municipality of Santo Domingo. His victimizers pinned her and covered her face with a scarf.

On the 17th, in the community of Jesús Maria, in Villa de Reyes, a guy shot dead a teenager as young as 14 years old.

On August 9th, the bodies of another couple, with execution signs were found in Villa de Ramos. The woman and the man were tied up and gagged and had a gunshot wound to the head. Ministerial officials unofficially attributed the double homicide to conflicts between criminal groups.

On August 13th, a man who had already been arrested killed a woman and her young son, also shot dead, on Rioverde Road, near the entrance to the community of Jassos, in Soledad.

On this crime journalistic versions said that by an alleged revenge between families the homicide unloaded a 45 caliber at least in six occasions, against the woman and her son, nevertheless the authorities nothing said of official way on the motive of the crime.

On August 18th, a female body was found on land near the community of Santa Rita, in Villa de Pozos. For days the authorities did not provide more information on this case. Later they announced that it was a young furniture entrepreneur, who had been kidnapped and although the family paid a ransom, was killed by their captors. On September 1st, the PGJSLP announced that for these acts there is a detained person.

Last Friday, September 1st, San Luis Potosí society was barely emerging from the stupor that caused the brutal aggression suffered by a young woman aboard a transporting personnel bus, which managed to come alive, when the news was released of the finding of another female corpse, this time in the superhighway La Pila-Villa of Arriaga. The victim, up to the time these lines were written, had not yet been identified.


In elaborating the statistics of intentional homicides, the authorities of the Attorney General’s Office of Justice of San Luis Potosí (PGJESLP), do not establish the gender of the victims, reason why the official data do not clarify how many victims are men and how many are women.

However, a newspaper count indicates that as of September 3, at least 28 murders of women in the state have been perpetrated. The most recent case occurred on the night of day 2, when armed men opened fire on a group of young people in Colonia General I. Martinez, charging four victims, including one young woman.

It should be recalled that -thanks to the social pressure exerted prior to the declaration of the Alert- in all these crimes, investigations have begun under the protocol of femicide, however, the authority has not reported how many cases have actually been qualified as such, according to the results of the investigations.

Concern over the crime of femicide in San Luis Potosí has ​​arisen more than anything from particular cases, since until November 2015 there were no figures to reveal the magnitude of the problem. It was in that year that, following the publication of the Special Report of the State Commission on Human Rights (ECHR), which established that at least 124 murders of women had been committed in the last 4 years, a request for a Gender for San Luis Potosí.

According to Inegi figures, in the course of 2016, 31 women were victims of homicide in San Luis Potosí, the amount was less than the 38 registered by the statistics of this organization in 2015.

However, so far in 2017 there has been an upward trend in these crimes.

Two female killings were recorded in January: the first occurred just on the third day of the year, a former state police officer murdered her former partner. The femicide, already detained, came to the woman’s house in the Housing Unit Rancho Pavón, Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, and without a word he shot the woman.

On January 20th, the body of a 25-year-old woman was found in her home in the neighborhood of Clavellinas in Charcas. She had prints of blows to the head and bruises on his neck. This case has not been clarified.

Two other cases were recorded in February, one in March and another in April, but the incidence began to rise in May when four women were killed.

June was a particularly violent month for women: 7 were killed under different circumstances. Two of the victims were mutilated, one beheaded, another decapitated, two more were killed by gunshots and in one case the cause of death was not established.

In August, only 3 women who lost their lives were victims of violence, however, the case of Berenice, a girl who managed to survive a brutal attack, put the issue back on the public agenda, especially in a context in which the actions derived from the Alert for Gender Violence do not end up being reflected and instead a certain lack of concern on the part of the authorities of the different levels of government, both in speech and in fact, is evident.

On the one hand it is accepted that there are no resources to promote the actions required by the alert, and on the other hand, it is recognized with notorious lack of tact, that said alert will not end with the deadly attacks overnight.

The head of the Imes, Erika Velázquez Gutiérrez, acknowledged that in the 12 entities in the country where the declaration was issued, violence against women has not diminished, however, she insisted that that “does not make us think that it is not going to serve the Alert. We can not stop trying to activate it to reduce these facts”.

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