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At this rate, 2017 will end, for San Luis Potosí, with more homicides than any other year

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On the morning of Monday, August 14th, around 1:30 a.m., the corpse of a man hanging from the bridge of the Anillo Periférico and Carretera 57 was found.

Before, on August 8th, the same method of exhibition of organized crime was used, when a man was located hanging on a bridge of the community of La Estanzuela, Mexquitic. Both corpses had narcomessages with them.

“The media display of the unspeakable”, says the journalist Hector de Mauleón to the need of the drug trafficking groups to be visible through the killings they carry out.

In San Luis Potosí, the horror of the bodies hanging from bridges began with the four bodies exhibited on September 6th, 2012 at the Juárez Distributor, around 1am on that day.

2012 was the second year with the most intentional homicides in the state since 1997, when the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SNSP) began with its annual count of criminal incidents in the 32 entities of the republic.

The year with the most intentional homicides, between 1997 and 2016, is 2010, when 416 people were killed in San Luis Potosí. However, during 2017, the incidence has been 216 murders between January and June, the last month reported by the SNSP, so that, if the trend of the first half of this year continues, 2017 would become the year with more deaths from felony crimes in history, with 432 cases.

As for the homicide rate, the SNSP reports in 2017 a rate of 7.71 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in the state, which would mean that this year would be the third one with the least homicides according to the population since 1997. However, that data Of the SNSP shows a methodological error, since it compares the numbers of entire years against only half of 2017.

If we take into account the projection of homicides for this year, that is 432 cases, considering the double of the murders that occurred between January and June 2017, the homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the state would be 15.41, Which would be the second year with more murders, compared to the population, only surpassed by 2010, with 15.94 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants.

15 homicides only last week

Aaron Edmundo Castro Sánchez, deputy prosecutor of Jurisdictional Procedures of the Attorney General’s Office in the State (PGJE), explained that during last week there were eleven events with homicides, in which there were 15 deaths.

On Monday, August 7th, in the Guadalupe ranch of the municipality of Ahualulco, there was a death due to a firearm, the victim still alive entered a private clinic, where later died; The same day in Mexquitic was reported another homicide also by firearm and weapon.

On Tuesday, two bodies, one man and one woman, were located in the municipality of Santo Domingo, in the community of Illescas.

The same Tuesday was found a subject hanging from a bridge, in the community La Estanzuela, Mexquitic de Carmona; In addition to the fact that a persecution was carried out between three armed civilians and state police in the Valleverde colony, adjacent to Wenceslao. In the car in which the attackers traveled, an extra corpse was found.

Also in Soledad, in Villas del Morro, the murder of a young man was recorded by concussion blows. In the municipality of Guadalcázar there was recorded the death of a man who presented with firearm injuries, presumably derived from an attempted robbery.

This Saturday in the community Tierra Blanca was located the body of a man with weapon injuries; In addition, in the colony Mártires de la Revolución, the homicide of a young man by concussion because of blows in the face and thorax in a gang fight.

Last monday, the bodies of a mother and her son were found on the road to Rioverde at Los Gómez, allegedly at the hands of a gunman on a motorcycle.

Also in the San José colony of the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez subjects with long arms shot a man, which caused his instantaneous death, while in Matehuala a body was found in the street by impacts of firearm.

So far this month, there are 24 homicides in the state.

Armando Oviedo Ábrego

Indifference of authorities
For several months now, the Public Safety spokesman, Armando Oviedo Ábrego, has been holding a press conference every month in which he reports on the insecurity figures that the State Attorney General’s Office reports to SNSP. Nevertheless, Oviedo’s strategy has focused on trying to heighten the reduction in some crimes, although it does not mention those in which there have been increases, or make comparisons between two consecutive months, without doing them also between the same month of different years.

On June 5th, Oviedo Ábrego said “San Luis Potosí is safe, of course, it is a safe state whose status is generated day by day. We have to be working to ensure that San Luis remains a safe state”, despite the fact that the entity fell from 5 to 13 in the ranking of the Index of Peace.

On July 25th, the State Public Security spokesman avoided responding if the Public Security strategy had failed, “it is a permanent job that we must continue to do, Public Security obligues to make it that way, that we be attentive to each of the operations of the crimes as we are working for a safe San Luis”.

The official stressed that knowing the criminal incidence published monthly by the National Public Security System, “allows all security institutions to design the strategies necessary to reduce crimes that at some point have a greater incidence, and crimes that have been able to go down through these operations”.

Oviedo Ábrego emphasized that “San Luis Potosí is a safe place”, however said they must work every day to achieve the current climate.

On that day, in a press conference with the holders of State Public Security, a series of statistics were presented in which they indicated that the crimes of certain characteristics like extortion, cattle rustling and robbery were going downwards. While there was a rebound in others such as homicides and kidnappings.

In contrast, the latest statistics released by Semáforo Delictivo for June 2017 indicate that 87.5% of crimes continue to increase, compared to those recorded in 2016. In San Luis Potosí, during the month of June, the only crime that appears in green is the extortion, as it presented 9 incidents, compared to 2016 when they were registered 11. Hence the numbers continue to increase, as there were 47 homicides in the sixth month of the year, while last year they were 34; In the area of ​​kidnappings six incidents were presented, four more than in 2016.

On property crimes, there is an increase in all areas, since in the case of vehicle theft in June 2016 there were 76 incidents, while this year were 127. The home-room robbery shot up even more, with 192 cases reported against 83 of the sixth month of last year. Business theft tripled with 91 reported cases, while that for last month’s record was 30.

As for injuries, a slight increase is detected, since of 316 incidents reported in 2016 during June, the number increased to 337 in 2017. The violations doubled, from 18 to 38 complaints registered between the months of June of each year.

In the comparison with May of this year, during June of 2017 the crimes like homicides continued on the rise, as three more were presented in the last month registered by the SNSP; In terms of kidnappings, of zero cases occurred in May, six were reported in June. Vehicle theft and house-room increased from 121 to 127 and from 186 to 192, respectively.

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