#Security | Death walks through San Luis

Four murders in one day shook the peace of the potosinos

By La Orquesta

In the state of San Luis Potosí, there has been an increase in the violence index; last Thursday, the capital was involved in a wave of violent murders that let glimpse the impunity with which the criminals operate.


Early on Thursday the emergency services received the report of a terrible find: the lifeless body of a woman in the Potosí Motel located on Highway 57.

When arriving at the place, the security elements reviewed the room where the unconscious woman was covered with a sheet on the bed of the room, however, after a few minutes the presence of expert services personnel was requested, since it was determined that the woman had already died. The body was transferred to carry out the necropsy.

According to the cameras of the place, it was possible to appreciate a man who left the room where the events occurred. The woman would have died by strangulation, according to the first report. Later, the Attorney General’s Office of San Luis Potosí (PGJSLP), through a statement, reported that the act is being investigated under a femicide protocol.


Later, in the course of the morning, in the Colonia 21 de Marzo, in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, a man was brutally shot to death while traveling in his car.
Some of the neighbors in the area alerted the authorities after the event and police officers went to the site where they found the body of a person with injuries caused by a firearm, one of them in the head, inside a vehicle Nissan Platina. The car also had bullet impacts.

The officers cordoned off the area and carried out the transfer of the body. In addition, the authorities specified that the victim was a 42-year-old man, ex-policeman retired (in 2002) and that in recent dates he worked as a private security guard.


Following the violent day, an aggression in which a subject was killed in a bicycle workshop in the colony Julián Carrillo was announced on edge of noon.
According to the report, two individuals on board a motorcycle opened fire on two others who were in the mentioned establishment. Due to the attack, one of the men was killed and another was seriously injured.

Hours later, authorities reported that a man identified as Javier Tadeo was detained by the Municipal Police of San Luis Potosí because, allegedly, he was involved in the attack on the Julian Carrillo neighborhood.

With the detainee he also secured a red motorcycle that was left in the place along with the body of the victim, a young man of only 21 years identified as Juan Manuel, whose remains were transferred to the Medical Service, according to the Attorney General’s Office in a statement.

Official sources also detailed that in the place were found 8 caliber 9-millimeter casings with which the victim allegedly had been killed and wounded another person of 58 years who was transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention.


However, the violence was not limited only to the metropolitan area, also in Matehuala, in the Altiplano of San Luis Potosí, the lifeless body of a man with signs of execution was located.

The PGJE explained that the victim, approximately 50 years old, had a bullet wound to the head and it was indicated that the man’s remains were left in a gap located at the end of Rivas Guillén Street, to the west of the municipality. In addition, the deceased wore denim trousers, a black shirt and tennis shoes.

No more data were required, however, it was reported that the investigation folder corresponding to that crime was initiated.



Of the four murder cases on Thursday, only one alleged perpetrator could be identified. That has helped ignite the mood of the population. In social networks, the citizens expressed their boredom. Multiple messages require an improvement in security for the potosinos. The glass has already been filled too many times. #StopThisCrap

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