Sánchez Unzueta proposes to use public money to restore private and church properties

He Asked the City Council to deliver the resources of the property tax; “Has no sustenance”, the Congress answered

By La Orquesta

Horacio Sánchez Unzueta, coordinator of the Trust of the Council of the Historic Center, revealed that he proposed to the City of San Luis Potosí to use the proceeds from the collection of the property tax to restore private buildings in the first square of the city. It is an initiative that, in summary, asks a government to spend public money to benefit private figures:
“We made a proposal to the City Council for use the total property tax to rehabilitate private buildings in the Historic Center. In that way we would have a permanent source of maintenance of the urban image”.

The collection of the property tax is one of the few alternatives that municipal governments have to generate resources independent of those of the federation and the state. To a large extent, it represents the inflow of capital for the realization of public works and fulfillment of public services to citizens, so that giving it a different use would generate a financial gap for the City Council.
La Orquesta  consulted Sánchez Unzueta’s proposal with deputy J. Guadalupe Torres Sánchez (PRD), since it is the Congress that authorizes municipalities to collect this tax burden:
“It is obviously unfounded (the proposal). One of the purposes of taxes is to satisfy public needs. It must be clear that without the taxes the City Council can not work”.

The congressman added that the words of Horacio Sánchez lack of any support:
“Pretending to apply the product of a tax to a private issue would undermine the very essence of their creation. These resources should under no circumstances go to the benefit of a few. They can make the approach to Congress, but I think that nowhere in the world has something like this been seen. That they propose it to have a foundation, there is a great distance”.

Torres Sanchez warned that a proposal like this could even entail danger of misappropriation of resources and added that in the distant case of giving, a negative precedent would be established:
“After a while they will want the rights for works, fines and other charges that correspond to the City Council are used for individuals. It would be bankruptcy for the municipality”.

In counterpart, Horacio Sánchez Unzueta defended his idea:
“Unfortunately this has not been possible, but I hope that in the future the City Council will take the decision. This was an initiative of the Archdiocese, by virtue of its request for support for the maintenance of Catholic Action, a building that is an important part of the history of San Luis Potosí. They have a very high property payment, because we believe that throughout the Historic Center should spend not only the money of that tax but also parking meters to have this complementary element.


The Trust Fund of the Historic Center Council was created to fulfill one of the commitments that President Enrique Peña Nieto signed in San Luis Potosí during his campaign: the restoration of San Luis Potosí downtown. Horacio Sánchez Unzueta was appointed as the president of said trust and in an interview he promised that the work in the Alameda, whose project would include two overpasses, pedestrianization of the area, a library in the Railway Museum, an underground parking lot, a Transfer station and the inclusion of security modules, would be completed by the end of 2016.

“It has been contemplated that the works last three years, and will have public investment of the three levels of government, and private parking for 600 vehicles that is intended to be built under the Alameda”, at that time he even added that there was the possibility that the federal government covered the total cost that was calculated in 700 million pesos. Today the (non) results are in sight of all the potosinos.

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