PRI forced workers to affiliate militants, acknowledged Tekmol


It says that deceive the governor Juan Manuel Carreras

By Fernanda Padilla

The representative of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), José Luis Romero Calzada (Tekmol) acknowledged that the statements of some of the PRI’s State Executive Committee (CDE) workers are true. They say that PRI are forcing them to affiliate militants with the Party.

“I learned about it by a media and I took the audacity to send it to the PRI chat (…) I can show it right now, I told them that if they needed them, they did not ask the deputies and they were not obliging personnel to do those kind of actions, it is not worth trying to deceive the most important PRI militant of the state”, referring to governor Juan Manuel Carreras.

PRI’s CDE workers reported that party leader Martín Juárez Córdova and delegate Jorge Schiaffino Isunza are forcing them to affiliate 10 militants each and if not, they will be removed or even fired from their jobs.

The complainants stated that on Friday, October 6th, they were summoned by their leaders and chiefs, where they were issued the order.

In addition, they were given to the 70 workers of the Committee, various forms of registration to bind at least 10 people.

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