PGJE does not care and attacks victims of sexual violence

From the prosecutor to the public ministries there is institutional maltreatment in the dependency

By Luis Moreno Flores

Magdalena González Vega is a sub-prosecutor in the Department of Sexual Offenses of the Attorney General’s Office in the State (PGJE). On wednesday she made a statement in which she slid the possibility that in the case of the young woman who was raped in the vicinity of the National Fair Potosina (Fenapo), the affected had part of the responsibility:

<< They go to the Fair, they take their drinks, they leave (…) I know I should not say this because politically I can be attacked, but that is the reality. We have to be careful of what youth is doing to have fun … I was also young and we all like to have fun, do not we? Then be careful about the behaviors… >>.

And in fact, her words were unfortunate, but not only in a political sense, but her sayings indicate that in the Office of the Attorney General there is no training to attend to victims correctly:

“She has made judgments irresponsibly, because she herself realized that she knew she should not say it and then said it. Her statements are out of place. It has revictimized not only the affected girl, but all women, in establishing judgments that do not correspond to her as a sub-prosecutor, as the authority in charge of administering justice, to apply international norms of women’s human rights must in their Speech guaranteeing security and justice”, stated activist Marcela García Vázquez, who is also part of the Interagency Committee for the Care of Feminicides organized by the PGJE itself.

This is not an isolated case, according to Marcela García, these attitudes are replicated every day among officials at all levels of the Office of the Attorney General:

“Violence against women has exceeded the PGJE. Not a day goes by without someone calling me to tell me that she was a victim of institutional maltreatment. Their statistics can show it. Out of 10 women who report, 8 do not return. “

Institutional mistreat

La Orquesta managed to contact a citizen who just yesterday lived first-hand the lack of empathy that exists in the PGJE. To protect her identity, she will be mentioned as Daniela.

This week, Daniela went to the PGJE to report that she was and is a victim of harassment by one of her neighbors:

“I went to make the complaint by harassment. I told to the person who attended me at the reception that one of my neighbors has been following me for some time, he makes sexual comments to me.

The last time it happened was a few days ago. I went out to get a prescription from my mom to the health center. On the way back I met this guy and he started again to tell me things and touch his parts. He wanted to touch me. I spilled pepper spray and I ran. He caught up with me and said, “I’m a judicial (police) bitch, I’m telling you all and I’m going to charge you”.

The person at the entrance said that this is not a crime, it is not harassment. Besides, they told me that only family cases are dealt with. I filled out a form and I noticed that in the section where she asked who made the attack it said “neighbor”. I showed it to the person in charge and said that I would go and consult him.

From there they passed me with a attorney named Angélica Mendoza Muñoz. I also told her that this man had a great deal of time to harass me. This lady told me that surely I had something  and that was why I had not denounced. She insisted that this is not harassment, only morale faults.

Then they asked me if I knew the exact address of the guy. They practically scolded me for not being aware of where they live. Angelica Mendoza began to say that without this information they could do nothing and that it was illogical that I did not know if it is supposed to be my neighbor.

Then I was sent to a psychological appointment. On leaving I went to ask the attorney what was going to happen and she again said that without the address she cannot do anything.

Angélica Mendoza Muñoz, to whom the victim refers, is an agent of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, part of the sub-prosecutor’s office specializing in sexual offenses against the family and human rights, of which the sub prosecutor Magdalena González Vega is the head.

Federico Garza Herrera

A problem since the root

At the beginning of this year 2017, the prosecutor Federico Garza Herrera said to the press some words with which he tried to justify the disappearance of women when saying that the majority of them “go away with their fiances and return by their account”.

Eight months later, it can be confirmed that there is state violence against women who are victims of abuse, because as this text has reported, institutional maltreatment begins from the prosecutor, recruits into sub-prosecutors, spreads in the Public ministries and even touches the reception.

The decisions of those who are in charge of the departments clearly have an impact on their subordinates. We see it in the case of the public ministry, it is the same attitude and posture as that of Magdalena. It seems part of the policy of governor Juan Manuel Carreras to establish this line to justify the ineffectiveness of their actions and hide the obsolete justice apparatus. The justice cabinet needs oxygen, new people and convinced of the urgent need to create conditions for women to stop living violence in all areas of social life.

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