Panistas show support to Sonia Mendoza

Leadership promises fair conditions

By José Luis Vázquez

The National Action Party (PAN) has indicated that the issue of its local candidacies regarding the conformation of the Citizen Front for Mexico, will be resolved until December 13, since it will be after this date when the calls are promoted so that all the militants who want to be candidates for public office (if they meet the requirements) can participate, including Senator Sonia Mendoza.

The press area of ​​the party, mentioned that Xavier Nava has the open door of the PAN “if he meets the requirements of the call to participate and bring to the heart of the permanent committee the proposal of his aspiration to be the candidate, the president of the party knows that there are panistas that promote Xavier Nava as flag bearer for the PAN, the important thing will be that they join the party or front candidate. There is a spirit because Xavier can be the flag bearer, but if it is not, all the PAN will have to get into the lane, frame and support whoever is our candidate, be it Xavier, Sonia or any other. “

The state leadership has promised to provide a  fair conditions so that applicants can present their projects to the permanent commission, who will be the ones that nominate the candidates. Decisions will be sent to the permanent national commission, which will have to approve the proposals that promote.

It is worth mentioning that Xavier Nava Palacios applied for his registration as an independent candidate candidate for mayor of the capital. The federal legislator declared not having any political party affiliation and affirmed that his candidacy for the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) to the position he currently holds was externally.


“I think we have excellent profiles within the PAN, we have to be respectful of all those who raise their hands. The political parties in San Luis Potosí have a great responsibility to send these electoral processes to the best profiles (…), that is the interest of all the potosinos and all the PAN,” said deputy Xitlalic Sánchez Servín.

For his part, Jorge Luis Miranda Torres said Mendoza is a good contender: “I still do not know who I will support, but I see it well, good profile.”

“If (Sonia Mendoza) seeks the mayor’s office, look for it, my respect for her, she is a hard-working woman, go ahead, what she wants to do”, commented Jorge Luis Díaz Salinas.

For his part, Senator Octavio Pedroza Gaitán affirmed that Mendoza will be supported if he seeks the mayoralty, although he added: “he has expressed that his intention is to contend for the federal deputation.”


The General Secretary of the City Council, Marco Antonio Aranda Martinez, said that Senator Sonia Mendoza is a very good option for the mayor’s office. However, he avoided responding if he could win or not in 2018.

“Who knows that nobody knows right now. (…) It’s a very good option, but if he wins or does not win, we’ll see that after the vote”.

The Secretary General added: “I know very well the senator, she is an extraordinary woman, she is my friend and well anyone who wants to (…), because citizens will have more options”.
He considered that it is feasible and positive that citizens have more options to choose from in upcoming elections.

“It’s good that there are different options for people to see which one is the best to be the mayor or the mayor of the city.”

“While it is true I have never belonged to any party, I am also very respectful of not making comments that correspond to other people, I can not speak badly, or well, in relation to all the people who are immersed in politics.”

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