PAN deputies exclude gay weddings from their agenda

The deputy Sonia Mendoza said that equal marriages are not part of the agenda of the party

By José Luis Vázquez

The PAN caucus of the State Congress of San Luis Potosí presented its legislative agenda 2018-2021 in which they do not contemplate the issue of equal marriages even though two of its axes cover human rights and social inclusion.

In this regard, the president of the board of the Congress of San Luis Potosí, Sonia Mendoza, affirmed that equal marriages are not part of the agenda of the National Action Party (PAN), but clarified that personally she is not against it.

“There are issues that are not part of the agenda of the PAN parliamentary group but which, of course, are the agenda of other parliamentary groups, (…) there will be topics on which we agree and others on those that do not, (….). For that is the parliament, to discuss and dialogue and approve or not what convinces us to the deputies and the citizens. There will be debate on some issues, but the idea is to build an agenda that gives satisfaction to citizens”, said the deputy.

In the same subject, the legislator added that “the citizens say that an issue must already happen; in addition, we are obliged to comply with international treaties and there are things that we can no longer stop, what we must approve and try”.

Finally, the deputy Rolando Hervert Lara, enlisted the six axes on which the legislative agenda of the PAN will be based: Development and Economic Development; Parity, Social Inclusion and Health; Sustainable Development for the State; Civil Security, Crime Prevention and Human Rights; Effective and Transparent Public Administration; and Democracy and Citizen Participation.


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