More than half of the deputies would seek to jump to another position

 Some of them have already requested a license

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At least seven local deputies of the current Legislature are already registered for the internal processes of their parties to seek some other position in the next elections, although in reality, more than half of the legislators from San Luis have expressed that they would be interested in participating in the elections of July 1.


The practice of jumping from one position to another is known as “Chapulinazo” in Mexico. This activity would change the configuration of the state Congress, because although some of them have already asked for permission from their legislative offices, they can sneak into the candidacies of their parties, other deputies will leave their posts in the coming weeks.


So far, José Luis Romero Calzada, Martha Orta Rodríguez and Rebeca Terán Guevara, the three of the PRI, have applied for leave as deputies.

Romero Calzada, also known as “Tekmol”, will compete to seek the federal deputation for the Second District, which represents the municipalities of Armadillo de los Infante, Cerro de San Pedro, Santa Maria del Rio, Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, Tierra Nueva, Villa de Arriaga, Villa de Reyes and Zaragoza.


Orta Rodríguez also wants to be a federal deputy, for the fifth district, of the state capital. On the other hand, Rebeca Terán will participate by the PRI towards the Senate of the Republic, although until now it is not known if it will occupy the first or second place of the formula.


Other PRI members will also seek to jump to other positions of choice, although they have not requested a license because they will not be selected by the PRI, but by the Green Ecologist Party: they are Alejandro “Jano” Segovia Hernández, who will seek the mayorship of Matehuala and Óscar Bautista Villegas , who will try to win, once again, the federal deputation of District 3, which includes the municipalities of Alaquines, Cárdenas, Cerritos, Ciudad del Maíz, Ciudad Fernández, Guadalcázar, Lagunillas, Rayón, Rioverde, San Ciro de Acosta, San Nicolás Tolentino, Villa de Arista, Villa Hidalgo and Villa Juarez.


In addition, two PAN members were already registered as pre-candidates: Jorge Luis Díaz Salinas, who will seek to compete against Bautista Villegas in the election for federal deputy of District 3; and Héctor Meraz Rivera, who will try to keep the mayoralty of Tanquián de Escobedo.


Also of the PAN, the deputy Josefina Salazar Báez has said that she would be willing to seek a position in the Senate of the Republic, although so far she has not completed her registration as a pre-candidate.


Xitlálic Sánchez Servín will seek the federal deputation for the second district, in which she could compete, in the internal appointment of his party, with Raquel Hurtado Barrera. This district includes the municipalities of Ciudad Valles, Ebano, El Naranjo, Santa Catarina, San Vicente Tancuayalab, Tamasopo, Tamuín and Tanquián de Escobedo.


Deputy Guillermina Morquecho Pazzi, of Nueva Alianza, also said that she aspired to seek some other position in this year’s elections, although she has not requested a license or registered as a candidate in her party.


Oscar Vera Fábregat also said that he will be a candidate of Conciencia Popular, without having even accepted for what position the he would apply. For this year, an old family tradition of at least 15 years will be broken, in which by the plurinominal legislation of that party paraded in consecutive periods, first he and then his son Jorge Alejandro Vera Noyola. The chain will be broken by the appointment of Vera Noyola as state anti-corruption prosecutor.


José Belmarez Herrera, of the Labor Party, could also participate in the upcoming elections, since that political institute has few options to apply. However, Belmarez Herrera has not yet expressed interest in participate.


Mariano Niño (PAN) is a special case, because although he said that if he wanted to compete on July 1, his partisan status could interfere, because he was subject to an internal process that could lead to his expulsion from the PAN.


Someone that has already grazed before and could do it again is Ricardo García Melo. The deputy of Nueva Alianza left the seat for a time to devote to Section 26 of the National Union of Education Workers.


At the close of this edition, Gerardo Limón Montelongo, Héctor Mendizábal Pérez, Esther Angélica Martínez Cárdenas, Gerardo Serrano Gaviño, Dulcelina Sánchez de Lira, Sergio Desfassiux Cabello, Graciela Gaitán Díaz, Jorge Luis Miranda Torres, Fernando Chávez Méndez, J. Guadalupe Torres Sánchez Manuel Barrera Guillén and Lucila Nava Piña have not announced if they will participate to look for any other position in the elections next July 1.

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