Maquirsa will absorb expenses due to collapse at the Juárez distributor

The Comptroller General of the State could also intervene if anomalies are detected

By José Luis Vázquez


The head of the Ministry of Finance in San Luis Potosí, Daniel Pedroza Gaitán, said that the State Government will not lose monetary resources after the collapse of one of the constructions for the new branch of the Juárez distributor, but that it will be the responsible builder who will absorb the expenses.

“There is really no expense to be had; that is to say, the contractor has his advances and his estimates that are being covered and they will have to cover it according to the foreseen and according to how they must deliver the work, it is their responsibility”, he explained.

It should be remembered that the event was recorded last Friday night and that two people were injured, they were on the structure when they performed the emptying of concrete.

The official also clarified that the State Comptroller could intervene if there is an anomaly after the incident: “The Comptroller has an area of ​​supervision of work, audit of work, which will have to intervene in your case if there was any anomalous situation and to them they will proceed”.

It should be noted that the companies that received the contract for the construction of the new arm of the distributor are Sánchez Valdez Construcciones S.A. of C.V; Machinery and Rent of Zacatecas S.A. of C.V. and Constructora Santos Chisum S.A. C.V., who made a budget of 218 million 534 thousand 290 pesos with 36 cents, the most expensive of the seven proposals that competed to obtain that work.

The machinery and income company of Zacatecas is owned by Luis Torres Corzo, brother of the ex-governor and senator of the Republic, Teófilo Torres Corzo, political operator of the former PRI presidential candidate, José Antonio Meade Kuribreña.


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