In a year, 22 police officers have been killed

All corporations have been affected

By El Saxofón

In just under a year, from May 2017 to April 2018, 22 police elements have been killed in San Luis Potosí. Of these, 19 were active staff and 3 ex-employees. The victims belonged to different corporations, namely: 6 state policemen, 8 municipal policemen, and 5 ministerial; 2 of the State Metropolitan Force, created just a few months ago. Another victim was an agent of the Public Ministry of the PGJE.

Of these, at least 20 were killed in cold blood, two lost their lives in clashes and one more during a fight in which he was involved in his day off.

The account began on May 27, 2017, when Juan Carlos N, a state policeman who was incapacitated, was killed with five shots of a firearm, in the Fraccionamiento San Leonel, in San Luis Potosí. Witnesses reported that that night, Juan Carlos, 51, had left to walk through the streets near his home, where he was surprised by strangers who shot him from a red car, in which they fled.

The following day, on May 28, a municipal police officer of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez was killed after receiving several stab wounds, during a fight in which he was involved in his day off.

The events occurred on Arroyo Street, in Colonia San José, minutes before four in the afternoon. The media indicated that at approximately 3:55 p.m., a report was received of a fight with the balance of a person injured by a knife. Elements of the corporation moved to the site, and arrested two men allegedly involved in the events. The injured was transferred aboard a patrol to Soledad General Hospital, where minutes later his death was reported.

A few days later, on the night of Friday, June 10, a female police officer from Soledad was kidnapped along with her partner at Hogares Populares Pavón. The anxiety turned into horror in a few hours. At six o’clock in the morning of Saturday, the heads of both were found on the sidewalk of Periferico Oriente at the entrance to Fracción Rivera; the bodies of both, decapitated, were found floating in the black waters of the Santiago River, around eleven o’clock.

It is worth mentioning that for these killings, two subjects were arrested in September and October 2017, and a third was arrested only last week.

On the night of August 22, a state ex-policeman was removed from his business. The ex-agent was deprived of his freedom around half past ten at night. At two o’clock in the morning, his lifeless body hung from the Periferico Norte bridge and the Matehuala highway.

On August 25, another active state agent lost his life in a confrontation with alleged criminals, on Los Pinos Avenue, in Colonia Hogares Ferrocarrileros. In this event, an alleged aggressor also died. And days later there was controversy, as it was revealed that in the car in which the alleged criminals were traveling there were also a couple of minors.

On August 26, another police officer from Soledad fell. Also in Hogares Populares Pavón. The murderers arrived at his address on Jilguero Street aboard a taxi, and fled after they committed the homicide. José Miguel N, 48 years old and with 19 in service, was resting. His victimizers did not give him time to defend himself. Still alive he was transferred to Soledad General Hospital, where minutes later he died.

On October 7, a state policeman was killed in the Julian Carrillo neighborhood, in the Fray Servando Teresa de Mier street . Although he was transferred to the Red Cross, when he arrived he had already died.

On October 31, a state policeman lost his life by thwarting an assault and facing gunshots with criminals. According to the report generated in the 911 system, the events occurred when a group of five people entered a grocery store located on Fleming Avenue in the Juan Pablo neighborhood, to steal it. Elements of the State Police came to provide assistance, and the criminals responded with gunshots. In the fray, a bullet hit the abdomen of the agent, who still alive was transferred to a hospital, where he died before entering the operating room to be operated.

On November 7, an agent of the Public Prosecutor’s Office was assassinated, attached to the Homicide and Femicide Unit of the Attorney General’s Office of the State (PGJE). The events occurred near his home, in Haciendas de San Miguel. The killers shot him from a vehicle and fled.

On November 24, two elements of the newly launched Metropolitan Police operations were killed while guarding the house of a police officer in the Fractionation La Virgen, Soledad de Graciano Sánchez.

On November 27, an element of the State’s Ministerial Police was rampaged from a taxi, when he intended to board his patrol. This happened in the Monte de las Cruces street , of the 5 de Febrero neighborhood, near the Santa Fe.

Already in 2018, on January 23, a commander of the Ministerial Police was assassinated. The events took place around 9:40 pm on San Ciro street in Colonia San Felipe, in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez.

On January 26, two municipal police officers from Ciudad Fernández were killed aboard their patrol. Tomasa “N” and Luis Alfonso “N” were attacked with bullets when they patrolled, near 2:00 hours, in the town of El Refugio, belonging to that municipality. The dead bodies were found in the morning of the next day.

On February 8, three ministerial police officers were killed when they returned from a course at the Police Academy. A bunch of guys on board a motorcycle shot them without giving them an opportunity to repel the attack. Three people were arrested for these incidents, including two municipal expolicemen.

On February 19, another municipal police officer from Soledad was murdered in Hogares Populares Pavón.

On Sunday, April 8, an element of the Municipal Police of San Luis Potosí capital, was killed along with a woman in the street Encino, Fresnos colony.

On Monday, April 9, in the morning, another Soledad police officer was executed when he was traveling on the Santiago River, at the height of the Hogares Populares Pavón neighborhood.

On April 12, a state ex-policeman, who worked as a security guard for a table dance, was murdered. Shortly before 9:00 am, it was reported that on the 16 de Septiembre street, almost on the corner of Avenida José de Gálvez, there was a man inside a car with a gunshot wound.

Upon arriving at the scene, the authorities found, in the driver’s seat of a Nissan Platina car in gray, the lifeless body of who was identified as Benito, 42 years old. According to records, the now deceased served as a police officer until 2002. It was not specified to which corporation he belonged.

Done this account, some points are obvious: the majority of the victims (8) are active municipal police officers, most of them (5) are from Soledad de Graciano Sánchez. Although in 2017 a good part of the victims were state policemen, this 2018, the murders of ministerial police have increased, which also add up to five. Most of the elements have been killed in cold blood, on their days of rest. The Hogares Populares Pavón neighborhood also stands out as the place where the majority of the municipal police of Soledad have been murdered. It also highlights that the perpetrators of some of the homicides are expoliaries, mainly municipal.


On April 2, in a press release, the General Directorate of Municipal Public Security of Soledad, informed that the 2018 recruitment and selection convocation is still open to fill vacancies as preventive police officers.

The notice highlights that this call has “the primary interest of having trained, professional and service-minded agents” and for that “the corporation offers attractive offers to those interested: Labor stability, monthly salary of more than 8 thousand pesos, bonuses, private family medical service, a 10-day vacation period every six months and a 50-percent vacation bonus”.

“Men and women committed to the service must have a spirit of honesty, loyalty and professionalism, as well as a vocation committed to serving the public to continue strengthening the safety of the people of Soledad”, it says.

“The requirements are the following: Not having criminal records, not having been dismissed or disqualified as a public servant, minimum age 18 and maximum of 40, minimum height of 1.50 meters in women and 1.60 meters in men, full time availability, to be a person with a high sense of responsibility, honesty, an attitude of service, an analytical capacity, proactive and disciplined”.

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