Government of SLP has not been able to demonstrate the use of 131 million pesos: Coparmex

The Coparmex investigation also revealed that the state debt almost reaches 3 billion pesos

By Luis Moreno Flores

According to the Data Coparmex study, the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) has detected that the government of Juan Manuel Carreras has not been able to clarify the destination of 131 million 900 thousand pesos of public money.

A few days ago, the Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) presented Data Coparmex, a study aimed at evaluating 10 parameters of the behavior of state governments. One of the most interesting criteria that the business body considers is titled #DineroProfugo, it shows the money from state spending that was audited by the ASF and whose use could not be recovered or clarified by the state governments.

Although the case of San Luis Potosí is not close to cases such as Veracruz, where the embezzlement reaches 6,330 million pesos, it is still questionable, since the figure comes from the year 2015, the last year of the government of Fernando Toranzo (who left office in September) and the first of Juan Manuel Carreras, which means that in three years of management of the current government none of the control mechanisms of the executive’s finances has managed to clarify the situation and that even the number could have increased.




Another parameter of Coparmex Data considers is the public debt of the states, here San Luis Potosí was evaluated as an entity with a debt that is under observation given that it exceeds the sustainable without becoming high.
In total, the potosinos drag passive by 2 thousand 997 million 174 thousand pesos, which means that each citizen would have to pay 1159 pesos and 30 cents to cover what was spent by our last governments.


The first indicator of this study questions the businessmen affiliated to Coparmex if the governor of his state has complied with “the work for which he was elected during the last year”. Here the government of Carreras was disapproved, since only 31.1% of respondents supported it.
Last Friday, the governor spoke on the subject (exclusively on this point) and said he did not know what was the system used for the evaluation.
Although the study is very clear in pointing out that the opinions of the union members were compiled, Carreras said that there is constant communication with businessmen and added that the activity of any government can be better.
Jaime Chalita Zarur, head of Coparmex at the local level, backed these results that put the governor in the seat of the worst evaluated (less than 40% approval) and noted that the rejection is not against the state administration but ” what happens in the state, “specifically in relation to the issue of insecurity.

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