Gil Marín visits Atlético de San Luis

The president of the Atlético de Madrid will be in La Presa and the Lastras Stadium, on his journey that will end the next saturday

By Redaction

Atlético de San Luis president Alberto Marrero Diaz confirmed in an interview for Agencia de Noticias SLP that Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, president of Atlético de Madrid, arrived yesterday to San Luis Potosí to get a closer look at the work of the franchise that the spanish team  keeps in our city.

Gil Marín’s visit began on Wednesday night. The president of Atlético de Madrid will remain in the city until next Saturday, so he will also visit the Alfonso Lastras stadium this Friday, when Atlético de San Luis receives the Correcaminos from the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas.

According to what Marrero Diaz explained, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín “used the FIFA date to come, he has been in Mexico all week.”

The trip of Gil Marín aims to know the advances that the project of Atlético de San Luis has presented since its beginning of operations. Marrero Diaz emphasized that the work of the club began from scratch.

During his trip to San Luis Potosí, Gil Marín will only meet with football players, coaches and executives of Atlético de San Luis.

Alberto Marrero said that in Madrid, the spanish directive board is satisfied with the work done so far. He also said that the plan is to be able to finish the Alfonso Lastras stadium.

Marrero Diaz also said he is grateful to the fans of San Luis Potosí for the support they have shown for Atlético de San Luis with the best entries in the games of the Ascenso MX and the great response to the match between México and Trinidad and Tobago, last week.

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