Gay weddings in the agenda of Morena for 2019

The agenda consists of 15 axes, including: Fight against Corruption, Public Security, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Education and Gender.

By José Luis Vázquez


During the presentation of the legislative agenda of the Together We Will Make History (Morena-PES-PT) for the period 2018-2021, legislators affirmed that they will promote the creation of laws that approve equal marriages, the decriminalization of abortion, and the regulation of the sexservice.

It was the deputy Angelica Mendoza Camacho who assured that in the Morena agenda these issues will be addressed and that they are included in the axis of Human Rights.

«We will promote the Law of Equal Marriages: a way to recognize and support the struggle that the LGBTTTI community and society in general has given for decades, is promoting from the State Congress a law that recognizes their right to marriage”, she explained.

In this regard, he also assured that they will propose the decriminalization of abortion and the Law on the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy and justified: «Abortion is a serious public health problem and is often carried out through clandestine practices that endanger the life of women».

Although the deputy did not mention it in the press conference, in the document it can be seen that they will also carry out legislative work to regulate the sex service, so that «the right to health by the health authorities and severely punishing the practice will be guaranteed. of lenocinio and the traffic of people».

It should be noted that the agenda consists of 15 axes, including: Austere and Transparent Parliament, Fight against Corruption, Public Security, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Education and Gender.

The event was attended by the leader of Morena, Edson de Jesus Quintanar Sánchez, Marité Hernández Correa, Consuelo Carmona Salas, Angélica Mendoza Camacho, Mario Lárraga Delgado, of PES and Paola Arreola Nieto, of PT.

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