Fernando Chávez, new president of the State Congress

The PRI is left with the presidency, the PAN with the Vigilance Commission

By Fernanda Padilla

The PRI deputy Fernando Chávez Méndez is the new president of the State Congress, while the National Action Party got the head of the Monitoring Committee with the deputy Héctor Mendizábal Pérez.

The Congress of the State approved with 21 votes in favor, 2 abstentions and 3 against the renewal of the directive of the Legislative Power. The members are Fernando Chávez Méndez (PRI), Ricardo García Melo (New Alliance), Jesús Cardona Mireles (Morena), Dulcelina Sánchez de Lira (PRD), José Belmárez Herrera (PT), Jorge Luis Miranda Torres (PAN) and Martha Orta Rodríguez (PRI).

In addition, with 21 votes in favor, one abstention and 4 against was approved the integration of the Commission of Vigilance for the next ordinary period.

The members of this committee are Héctor Mendizábal Pérez, the PRD Graciela Gaitán Díaz, the PAN Mariano Niño Martínez, the PRI Esther Angélica Martínez Cárdenas, the Morena member Jesús Cardona Mireles and Nueva Alianza’s Guillermina Morquecho Pazzi.

Next Friday will begin the ordinary period for the last year of the current legislature.

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