#Elections2018 | A new storm threatens PAN

Sonia Mendoza wants to run for mayor and criticized the support of PAN to Xavier Nava

By La Orquesta

Within the National Action Party (PAN) in San Luis Potosí a new conflict is approaching. This was confirmed by the statements made during the weekend by senator Sonia Mendoza Díaz, in which she criticized the possibility that San Luis Potosi´s PAN could impel the current deputy for the PRD and independent precandidate to the San Luis Potosí City Hall, Xavier Nava. By the way, the federal legislator signed up for her to head the PAN campaign for that position.

“I urge the PAN members, who call themselves PAN members, to continue working with those who are PAN candidates. In the game, it is forbidden to support an independent. They can even be subject to expulsion».

Although Xavier Nava continues with the process to be able to contend for the municipal presidency as an independent, there are many rumors that place him as the candidate of the PAN and part of the political class has indicated by his closeness to the governor Juan Manuel Carreras (PRI), allegedly his main driving force, premise that the governor rejected during an interview that he gave La Orquesta in November during the report of activities of the deputy:

«I have a very fluid relationship with all the deputies of all the political parties, in particular with the deputy Xavier Nava, he has done us the favor of getting resources for a very important work in hydraulic matters like the Santiago River, but it is a subject purely institutional”, said Carreras López.

“I try to maintain the most respectful and institutional relationship with all the political forces of the state. I have also gone to the reports of all of them (federal deputies) and in all cases we maintain a very respectful relationship; which is the right thing to unite the efforts of San Luis Potosí».

On her candidacy, which could possibly face her against Nava, Sonia Mendoza said: “We are agreeing; I raised my hand to be a candidate for mayor of the capital.

PRD, PAN, Independent?

Nava Palacios arrived at the federal deputation flagged by the Party of the Democratic Revolution and the gallardista current, nevertheless, when presenting / displaying its intentions to have an independent candidacy denied to have registry like militant in the PRD.

The still legislator pointed out that he contended for the PRD “externally”, which means that it is not necessary for him as an independent to present his resignation to the party, as, for example, Margarita Zavala did to the PAN. This lack of congruence has worried part of the PAN militancy.

Becoming a likely standard bearer of the Citizen Front that in the state formed the National Action Party and Citizen Movement has not ceased to be an option for Nava Palacios, as he hinted in his statements during his registration as an independent.

The PRD has also been criticized for distancing himself from the party that led him to his seat, his intentions to be independent or PAN candidate and his closeness to governor Carreras.

“He never belonged to the party. He simply was a bishop who joined the movement created 9 years ago called Gallardismo (…) was given the opportunity to compete at that time and there is the answer”, said the deputy Sergio Desfassiux Cabello, who finished: «Nava makes fun of the citizenship by presenting itself as independent, in January or February they will see that it will be supported by the orange party and National Action. It will be their candidate».


Senator Octavio Pedroza Gaitán said yesterday that Sonia Mendoza is confused about the possible expulsion of PAN member who support Xavier Nava.

“I think there is a lot of confusion about this, what it means is that those who, having a PAN candidate, could support someone who is not a PAN, candidate, that is what deserves a sanction”, he said.

Pedroza Gaitán clarified that some PAN members have sought that Nava could be considered as a candidate of the party: “support him as PAN candidate, that is the big difference and that is where she is confused (…), a number of PAN members have expressed that Xavier Nava can be considered National Action candidate”.

Octavio Pedroza also said that Mendoza will be supported if she seeks the municipal mayor’s office but assured that by statements made by the same senator: “she has expressed that his intention is to contend for the federal deputation.”

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