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Despite the supposed democratic process, the national leadership will choose local candidates at their discretion

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Above the PAN Permanent Commission in San Luis Potosí, the national leadership of that party will have the final word to appoint local candidates in San Luis Potosí, among 73 aspirants who followed the call and complied with the process to to be candidates for municipal presidents and 45 to local deputies, as reported on monday by the state party leader, Xavier Azuara, who confirmed that in the end the National Executive Committee (CEN) will define the names and surnames of the candidates who will compete in the next elections.  And not only that, it is anticipated that the national leadership could even choose some profile or profiles that have not even followed the registration process.
In a bulletin issued by the party press area, Azuara stated:

“(…) To the highest decision-making body of the Party, corresponds the formation of lists with the most competitive profiles and refer them to the National Executive Committee, where the final decision will be made of who will be the candidates and candidates for the election  process (…) “.


It should be recalled that on more than one occasion Xavier Azuara has criticized the selection process of profiles of other parties, mainly the PRI, which he has described as impositions, however, now his party is replicating the model.

The cases of the mayorships of San Luis Potosí and Soledad stand out. The first was approached by the PAN Jalil Chalita and Xavier Nava Palacios, and in the second there was no militant who aspires to the soledence candidacy.

In these cases it has not yet been defined if there will be an alliance with the PRD as it happens at a national level, to nominate a single candidate and, as confirmed by the state leader, it will be the national CEN that can impose the name of the flag bearers with either or without an alliance.

Xavier Azuara also said that this week the analysis of the profiles of aspiring local councils and municipal presidencies will begin. He added that the Permanent Commission will review the trajectory, social connection and electoral profitability of those registered, but that the last decision will be taken in the National Executive Committee.

Azuara Zúñiga pointed out that there are municipalities where militancy presented unity projects, such as Aquismón, Ciudad Valles and Xilitla, where there was only one candidate

For federal deputies and senators, the call was extended until one day before the session of the National Permanent Commission occurs, so the receipt of documents continues.





According to data from the electronic platforms of the electoral auxiliary commission, at the expiration of the deadlines for registration, the candidates registered to contend for the districts of the Metropolitan Area are:

Laura Gama Bazarte, María de los Ángeles Rodríguez Aguirre, Guadalupe Berenice Pérez Herrera and Carolina Jayme Foyo.

Nidia Natalya Castillo Vera, Diana Guadalupe Chávez Alonso.

Ricardo Villareal Loo, Saúl Martínez Chávez, Miguel Maza Hernández, José Domingo Salas López, Felipe de Jesús Almaguer Torres, Moisés Briones Martínez.

Raymundo Ramirez Urbina, José Antonio Zapata Meraz, Vicente Toledo Álvarez, Marcela Zapata Suárez del Real, César Octavio Pedroza Gaitán.

Juan Sánchez Ramos, Octavio Arredondo Mata, Gabriel Andrade Cordova, Ulises Gómez Meráz.

Of all of them, the national leadership will decide who gets to be on the respective ballot. It is unknown under what criteria besides the subjective “electoral profitability” in a direct and unilateral process known as “dedazo”.


On Sunday, the PAN made its internal election as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, in which the only one that was presented was Ricardo Anaya, however, he was far from reaching 100% of the votes.

The Organizing Electoral Commission of the PAN reported yesterday that the vote of 203 thousand 705 votes of militants of the 281 thousand 315 registered in the party was counted, which represents that only 72.41% of the militants voted to which it is necessary to add that 1 % of the votes were canceled.



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